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    Our Results Recipe to Body Transformations - How we’re different.

    Over the last 20 years we have come up with a proven “Recipe to Body Transformations” that has helped 1000’s of people just like you reach their body transformation goals. That recipe includes the three essential pillars all programs need for long term success:

    Personalized Fitness Coaching so you never have to feel confused and left wondering if you are doing the best exercises in the right way. In our system we will teach you how to “Own Your Fitness.”

    Custom Nutrition Coaching so you never have to follow a bland diet plan that has you cut out all the yummy food you really like eating. Hint – the more food you cut out of your diet in Phase 1 (Body Transformation Phase) the harder it will be to maintain your progress in Phase 2 (Maintenance Phase). In our system we will teach you “Food Freedom”.

    Relentless Accountability to guarantee you are getting results! Our secret sauce. Accountability and support is the glue that holds everything together. We follow up on you to ensure you are following the plan.

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    During the Goal Setting Call we talk about your goals, why those goals are important to you, how we can help you CRUSH those goals and ultimately if we feel working together makes sense. We are not for everyone and we are ok with that.

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    During the goal setting call, we will schedule your Onboard. After the onboard you will have all the tools you need for success – a personalized plan that will include fitness, nutrition and accountability, all customized to you.



    With an easy to follow diet plan that encourages food freedom, an effective safe and challenging workout plan that teaches you how to “own your fitness” and supporting caring coaches that are checking in on you weekly – you can’t fail! Best thing about our program is that we will be checking in on you throughout the week ensuring you are getting results and following the plan.

    What do people say about us?

    • Ben and Jaime are fantastic couches who helped me through recovery after a skiing accident and surgery. Their commitment, knowledge, and expertise helped me to recover and strengthen my leg which allowed me to participate in an ebike tour through Tuscany after only 7 months after surgery. I highly recommend this team for your training.

      Linda Boucher
    • The coaches truly care about YOUR goals, not some generic version of what “fitness” means. They utilize their knowledge and extensive evidence-based practices, applying them in personalized ways that help you see success. If you are new to exercise, returning after a hiatus, or a gym rat, they meet you where you are and adapt everything to your body, needs, and growth. I could not have asked for a better, more tailored fitness experience that encompasses the whole person (exercise, nutrition, rest, socialization, etc.).

      H SK
    • I have been training with KDR Fitness for the last 10 years. Ben and Jamie are wonderful coaches who get to know every client individually to help them achieve their goals and fitness journey. They not only teach you how to workout but how to live a healthier lifestyle all the way around!

      Stephanie Smarsik
    • KDR is a great community! The staff are great and knowledgeable. I love the workouts (HIIT circuit style) they are always different which makes it a lot of fun. The members are super friendly and encouraging. I joined for a 6 week program and would have LOVED to stay on, but it’s just a little out of my price range. I am so happy with my results and the incredible knowledge I gained! I recommend KDR to anyone that wants a fun filled but HARD working boost to get you headed in the right direction.

      Heather Straker
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