Enjoying Life.
Happier. Healthier.

Diet. Accountability. Fitness. Customized to YOU.

Enjoying Life.
Happier. Healthier.

Diet. Accountability. Fitness. Customized to YOU.


Do you struggle with:

Feeling Supported

Do you struggle with accountability? Imagine a supportive coach checking in with you weekly to ensure the plan is working and you are working on the plan. Accountability Coaching is exactly what you need to reach your goals!

Feeling Energized

Are you tired of feeling TIRED? Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you had limitless youthful energy! A few small, calculated lifestyle adjustments will sky rocket your energy levels and having you feeling 20 years younger.

Feeling Nourished

Do you struggle losing weight and/or keeping it off? Have you “dieted” in the past with no success? It’s not your fault! You need a program that gives you accountability coaching, personalized nutrition coaching and customized fitness.

Feeling Confident

Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Do you hate having your picture taken? Imagine looking in the mirror or seeing a picture and feeling PROUD of what you see, LOVING your reflection in the mirror and , EXCITED at your progress. All because you put the work into yourself to get there.


Imagine You With:


Imagine You With:

Step 1


Schedule a

Strategy Session

Everyone is unique, and everyone requires a unique approach. During the strategy session we will find out what makes YOU unique, your goals and help you decide if we are the right fit for you.

Step 2


Make the decisions to

Improve Your Life

If you’re a good fit for us, and we’re a good fit for you, decide if you want to do a 28 day trial or sign up for a Lifestyle Change.

Step 3


Start Your Journey

Transform Your Life!

Now that you have a plan, a caring coach that checks in on you weekly and a supportive community, it’s time to live your best life!


KDR Fitness

More Than A Gym

“KDR is more than a gym: it’s a support system. All team members are approachable and they have a genuine interest in helping you achieve your personal goals. Membership is not inexpensive but if you consider the personal coaching, FitFam peer accountability, and meal planning assistance it’s a better value than just being left to your own devices at a larger facility.”

~ Joe C.

Community Is Amazing

“KDR is the best time investment I have made in a while. The workouts are not only incredibly effective, but they are fun too! The community of people who belong to this gym are amazing people who I may otherwise never have met if not for KDR. The workouts, combined with the meal plan and accountability makes KDR the perfect recipe for success. I would highly recommend KDR to just about anyone I know. Thank you for picking me up and putting me back on the path to success, KDR!”

~ Rebecca Y.

They Care About Each Individual

“KDR provided excellent diet and exercise coaching. My fat loss/muscle gain exceeded my expectations. The environment is friendly and inviting, the coaches give clear demonstrations of exercises with modifications, the programs are fresh and fun, and the nutrition program is based on sound science. It’s refreshing to see the owners actively engaged in their business. They clearly care about each individual in their gym.”

~ Martha D.