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Your Burning Questions Answered

NO! Please don’t come to the gym without an appointment. It’s just the two of us and if we’re not taking care of members we’re taking care of ourselves. Our business is at our house, you would not want people showing up at your house uninvited, we’re the same way.

NO! Our memberships are totally customized to you and your goals. Every membership is different based on the goals you want to achieve. Someone wanting to lose 100 lbs will have a different membership structure then someone who wants to improve their knee pain.

We have the exact tools we need to train you to get the best results possible while maintaining social distancing and keeping your safety at the top of the importance list.

Yes! We do have changing rooms and a shower, however, we encourage people to shower at home/work and to come prepared to work out.

Generally speaking the work outs will last 45 minutes, give or take 10. We believe in the Minimum Effective Dose as it relates to fitness and nutrition, i.e. what’s the least amount of work you need to do to get the most amount of benefits.

Because we personalize the work out to every member, the “look” of a work out is different for each person. All of our work outs follow the same format – Warm up (we call it a RAMP), self assessment, core, agility, strength training and then a finisher.

Great question! Cost is relative. 

It’s relative to the importance you place on it (most people would not buy the cheapest tires to drive their new born around in), the quality of the service (a sit down meal will always cost more than fast food) and the individuals priorities. If you are looking for a $50 a month gym membership, we’re not for you. If your not willing to invest money on yourself and would rather spend money on “stuff”, we’re probably not for you. 

If you feel that high quality deserves a higher amount of money then poorer quality – you’ve come to the right place. If you value customer service, education and being more than just a “membership number” – you’ve found the right place for you. 

We want quality, not quantity. We don’t want hundreds of members, we want about 80. Because of that, we need to make sure people we work with are as serious about their results as we are. 

We provide you with everything you need to reach your goals – coaching, nutrition, accountability…all personalized to you. If you consider: 

A nutritionist/RD will charge $50-$100 per session and they usually want to see you twice a month. A Personal Trainer will charge $50-$120 per session and they want to see you, on average, twice a week. Then you need a gym membership to meet those two at, that’s another $50-$120 per month. 

Add those all up and your at well over $500 per month (at the cheap end) and much closer to $1000 per month (at the more reasonable end)! 

For HALF of that cost we will work with you and as long as you do what we say, we will guarantee your results!