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Hi we’re Ben and Jamie, your new Coaches. We aren’t like your typical fitness coaches with six pack abs, big muscles preaching restriction, punishment and discomfort. We don’t believe in extreme work out plans, those tend to injure people and are not sustainable for long term health. We don’t subscribe to fad elimination diets, moderation has been shown time and time again to yield the best long term results. Eliminating the foods you enjoy eating is the best way to make sure you fail at maintenance.

We are just like you. Our goals are literally the same as your goals.

We want a longer life to enjoy more time with loved ones. We want to feel less pain so we never have to say “No, my body hurts”. We want boundless energy so we feel amazing at the end of the day instead of tired. We want the strength to carry us (and maybe someone else) through life so that we can enjoy all the wonderful things.

Oh yeah…and we also want to feel confident in whatever we are (or aren’t 😉) wearing.

We have a proven scientific system that has helped 1000’s of people reach those goals and we want you to be our next success story!

  • Jamie Crowe Fitness Gym Coach In Enfield Near Me
    Pre/Post Natal Certified, Kettlebell Level 1, Certified Female Training Specialist
  • Ben Dearman Fitness Trainer Near Lebanon
    B.S. Ex. Sci., M.S. Nutrition and Human Performance, CSCS.

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