Personalized Fitness Coaching

Whether you train with us virtually or in-person you will have access to our three pillars to success - fitness, nutrition and accountability.

Personalized Fitness Coaching…

Let’s be honest, for a lot of people the most intimidating part of the Body Transformation puzzle is the gym. Most people…

Feel intimidated walking into a gym.
Feel embarrassed and think everyone is looking at them.
Feel confused about how to perform exercises safely and effectively.

We hear this all the time. Gyms. Are. Intimidating.

But, we’re not a gym. We are a coaching company that will provide you with the exact exercises, workouts and programs you need to feel strong, mobile and young (again).

The best thing about our fitness program (other than it being customized to you) is that the entire workout can be done 100% remotely with minimal equipment. You literally never have to step foot in a gym if you don’t want to.

Remote not your thing and your local to Enfield NH…AND you want to be coached in person? We offer personal training AND small group personal training classes.

Can’t make a work out in person? No worries! We also offer zoom classes so that we can coach you virtually in real time.

As long as you have an internet connection we can deliver the fitness piece to you, 100% customized. We really want you to Own Your Fitness.

How will I know I am doing the exercises correctly? Great question! In our system your personalized workout will live in our fitness app. Every workout will have videos to show you how to perform the movement as well as coaching cues to help you understand what you should and shouldn’t be feeling.

As long as you have an internet connection, we will be able to give the fitness piece to you.

Custom Nutrition Coaching

While the gym is generally the most intimidating part of changing your body, the diet is the most important piece. Every body transformation has two phases:
Body Transformation – Phase 1
Maintenance – Phase 2

Most programs never talk about Phase 2, which is why 99% of people that we talk to tend to fail when they get to Phase 2.

Maintenance is the END GOAL! Losing 50 lbs is great…but not if you put it back on a year later.

Generally people are not successful in phase 2 because they do things in phase 1 that they will not do for the rest of their life.

What you do in phase 1, creates the success you will have in phase 2.

If phase 1 is full of crash dieting, 1000 calorie plans, no food you actually enjoy eating you will probably get results, but you most certainly won’t keep them.

In our system we will teach you how you can still eat the foods you enjoy (like carbs) and get the results you want. Our system is different because we don’t follow an overly restrictive diet plan that has you cut out all the foods you enjoy.

Our system is literally designed for you to be successful at long term maintenance.

Support and Accountability

The best laid out program is meaningless if you don’t have someone making sure you are following the plan…and that the plan is working.

Our accountability pillar is literally our (not that) secret sauce that holds everything together and it’s the main reason why we have such a high success rate of people hitting their goals.

Phone calls? Check.
24/7 text support? Check.
Daily results monitoring? Check.
Weekly check ins? Check.
An app that literally tells you what to do every day? Check.

Once we create your plan, we will be following up with you weekly to ensure you are seeing the results you came to us for. Plan too hard to follow? We can change it. Have an achy knee when you’re hiking? Let’s hop on a call and see what’s going on. Not seeing the results you want? Let’s troubleshoot and find out why. Going on vacation for a week? Let’s come up with a plan to ensure you don’t gain 10 lbs.

With our accountability coaching, you literally have two coaches on call to make sure you are getting the results you came to us for.

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