Generally, people come to KDR for four reasons (Note from Ben – sometimes I actually think it all just comes back to sex, they want to get laid more):


  1. They want to move better, i.e. reverse aging (to have more sex).
  2. They want to look better, i.e. well, look better, duh 😉 (MORE SEX!)
  3. They want to feel better, i.e. reduce pain or fix an injury (pain is not conducive to sex).
  4. They want to perform better, i.e. kick more ass in a sport or event (more attention =’s more opportunities for SEX!)

That about sums it up really.  In fact, these reasons are reinforced in the fitness and health field as the main reasons why people hire a trainer or go to the gym.

I think there is a 5th reason though.

I think there is an even more important reason that people come to us, one that both encompasses and supercedes the other reasons.

They are smart and know that the major preventable diseases, the illness’ that account for more then 75% of the deaths in America, such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes and complications
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Cancer
  • chronic lower respiratory disease

Are at least 90% avoidable with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle focusing on stress management, proper nutrition, intense exercise and proper supplementation.

The 5th reason is – they want to be healthier.

admin-ajax 2

The picture on the left is great – but the picture on the right is where I NEVER want to be again.  I might be giving a thumbs up and smiling, but inside I was crying and thumbs down all day.

Studies have confirmed time and time again that most of the major preventable illnesses are just that – preventable.

Click here to see the top 10 list as presented by the CDC.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.05.18 PM

Heart Disease, Chronic Lower Resp Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes and Influenza/Pneumonia are all preventable via direct lifestyle change (diet, exercise and stress reduction) or through indirect means (i.e. a stronger immune system, better circulation, etc.)

What causes most of the illnesses?  In a very general broad sense, three things:

  1. High insulin related to excessive sugar intake.
  2. Low amounts of intense exercise.
  3. Prolonged stress response – specifically cortisol.

Yup, you got those three things in check, then you’re pretty much good to go.  Your chances of falling victim to the top preventable diseases is drastically reduced.

But the thing is – we can’t help you with that if you don’t allow us too.  And really, it’s pretty easy to work on the preventable.

Eat a well balanced diet with occasional splurges.

Work out intelligently, with a plan and aggressively.

Participate in activities that provide an out let for stress relief.

Basically – become a member of KDR and just by coming to the gym 2-4 days per week and following our nutrition plan 70% of the time you DRASTICALLY lower your chances of getting a preventable disease.

And trust me…as someone that is going through chemo therapy now, you do not WANT to be in my shoes.


I have to take an injection every day in my stomach for a blood clot in my neck.

IMG_3705-1024x768 2

This is the worst part of my day.

Type 1 diabetics have to do the same thing, but multiple times per day AND they have to prick their finger several times a day to test their blood sugar.  I only have to do my shots for a total of 3 months.  If you’re a diabetic, you may be looking at self shots for the rest of your life.

I have to take tons of medications that screw up my appetite, mood, sleep and over all sense of well being.

Just like someone that has heart disease.  Except, when my chemo is done, I am done with medications (well…hopefully anyway).  If you have heart disease – that’s a rest of your life thing.


I am a burden on my loved ones after chemo treatments.

Just like someone with Alzheimer’s Disease.

IMG_3369-1024x768 2My #1 loved one – Jamie “The Game Changer” Crowe

I go into the hospital once a week to check in with my oncology team.  Sometimes I get calls from the hospital saying they found something that requires more tests or more medication and that I have to go in and talk to my doctor ASAP.  This messes up my entire schedule.

But, in 6 months, I am done with that.

If you end up getting one of those preventable diseases – this is your new future.  Hospital meetings a few times a month sometimes.  Scary phone calls from the hospital.

Messing up your schedule.  For the rest of your life.


This is what you have to look for if overnight stays are going to to be in your future.

So do yourself and your loved ones a favor – invest in KDR because we invest in you.

Become a member of our gym, use our expertise, learn from us and allow us to help you reshape your life and body.

It’s an investment you almost can’t afford NOT to make.