Sleep is big, in fact, the brunt of your fat burning happens at night.  You can literally Sleep Your Way Thin.  During sleep, this is also the time that your body repairs the damage you have done to it that day from working out…or life.
Here are ten ways you can improve your sleep:
1 –  Drink a whey protein shake before going to bed.  Not only will this help with muscle repair, but studies have shown that consuming protein before bed helps with deep sleep.
2 –  Make your room like a cave.  You want your room as dark as possible.  That means NO external light if you can help it.  Get black out shades at Home Depot, turn your clock around, etc.  Even light from a night light can affect how easily you fall asleep.  If your eyes are picking up any kind of light, even if your laying down with them shut, it may make it harder for you to fall asleep because your brain thinks it’s still light out.
3 – Take a magnesium supplement.  Mag has been shown over and over again in studies to help aid with sleep.
4 – Take a melatonin supplement as well as a 5-htp supplement.  Same thing as mag, both have been shown to improve sleep.  Personally, I see a big difference when I take Mag, and so does Jamie.  The 5htp and melatonin both help me fall asleep faster, give me a hand go back to sleep if our crazy nocturnal cats wake us up and I notice I don’t wake up as often on them.
5 – White noise.  Keep a fan on in your bedroom.  This will help create a constant background noise.  So stupid cats don’t wake you up.  Yeah…I’m talking to you.
6 – Keep it cool.  This goes along with the fan and with your room being like a cave.  The ideal temperature is around 66 degrees.
7 – Keep it wet…WHAT?!  Listen, I mean get a humidifier and make sure your ambient humidity is around 50%.
8 – NO SCREEN TIME WITH AN HOUR BEFORE BED.  A big one and super hard to do.
9 – Do something relaxing, right before bed is not the time to watch Real Housewives (there is never a good time to watch them), read a suspenseful book (i love to read before bed, but I have read some books in bed for 3 hours before falling asleep) or engage in any kind of stressful decision making.
10 – Chillax.  Yoga, gentle stretching, meditation or foam rolling are all great ways to help your body and mind wind down.
There ya go!  10 ways to improve your sleep with a relative amount of ease.