Welcome to the New Year!

PARENTS!  Your New Year starts now!  It’s back to REAL LIFE.  The next 9 months will be the sanest months for a majority of you.


This is the absolute best time of the year for you to start a new fitness plan, especially if your kids are in 5th through 12th grade as those grades are the ones that usually have great after school programs.

Here are six reasons why September is the best month to start on your weight loss.


  1. Schedule – 8 to 3 school time, 3:30 to 5 activity time and 5 to 8 family/homework/misc. – those are your new mini-schedules. Every day of the week (baring vacations obv) until June.  Schedules make it easy to plan things out if you have kids that need transportation.
  2. From September to June is 9 months, or roughly 36 weeks, or a possibility to lose between 36 and 54 pounds with a relative low amount of effort. The average person can lose at least one pound per week and up to six pounds per month with minimal to moderate effort.  Potentially more depending on your current diet and lifestyle.  Every month that you wait is four to six pounds that you could have lost and will be carrying in June.
  3. Thanksgiving is a little bit less then 3 months away and Christmas/Fake New Year’s is about 4 months away. In that amount of time, you can lose between 16 and 24 pounds, or up to two pants sizes.  That’s with MINIMAL TO MODERATE effort!  With MAXIMAL effort, the sky is the limit as far as weight loss!
  4. Over the holidays, the average American gains 10-15 pounds and spends the majority of the rest of the year trying to get that weight off. You could go into the holiday season, ALREADY LESS then you were last year.  Think of how GREAT you would feel knowing that when the holidays hit, you ALREADY look and feel better then you did the year before.
  5. Losing the weight gradually, versus all at once, is ALWAYS preferred. Ask any health professional (either in the fitness arena or the medical field) and they will all tell you the same thing – lost weight through gradual meals will result in more sustainable weight loss.
  6. The only thing going on in September is back to school. For the months of September and October, there is NOTHING to derail you.  Except for Halloween (which is really more for kids then adults), the first eight to eleven weeks of the school year should be a GREAT time for you to focus on your health.  Once November hits though, we tend to have something every month, or roughly five weeks.  It starts with thanksgiving, then Christmas, New Years, Feb break, April vacation and then your planning for Summer in May.


That’s it, 6 reasons why September is the BEST time to start a new fitness plan.  We have a great plan to help you get jump started!  Just click on the link below to read more about it.


Special six week – “Back to School, back to YOUniversity.”