Let’s talk meal prep.  Honestly, meal prep sucks.  So anyway I can make it easier I am all for!  I look at meal prep the same way I look at intense exercise – a necessary evil to achieve ideal goals.
Here’s a secret to meal prep in a hurry – eat eggs.  I look at eggs as salt and pepper, they go with anything.  They are also FAST to cook with.  I can whip up a 600 calorie meal with 40-60 grams of protein in about 15 minutes that consists of veggies, eggs and another source of protein.

But not like this. If this is how you cook eggs, stick with eating deli meat.

When I was in cooking school eggs were touted as a perfect protein source.
Now that I am in Logan University’s Masters in Nutrition Program…eggs are still touted as a perfect protein.
Perfect maybe an over exaggeration. They say eggs are a perfect protein source because they have:
– A decent (according to some, not this guy which is why I ALWAYS have eggs with other sources of protein) amount of protein at roughly 6 grams.
– ALL of the essential amino acids. E-seential.
– Some vitamins and minerals, not enough to make a huge difference (yes…that flys in the face of some “experts” that list those vitamins and minerals out and make a big deal over them. You have to eat 3-5 eggs to really get any kind of an appreciable dose).
I say they are a perfect protein source because they complement practically any food due to their relatively benign flavor and texture.
Steak and eggs
Chicken and eggs
Fish and eggs
Pork and eggs
Bacon and eggs…..oh man yes.
Sausage and EGGS!!! YESSSSS!!!!
Mushrooms, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus….you name it.
Eggs go with anything and you can have them:
Scrambled (hides the flavor the most when mixed in with things)
Runny/over easy (my favorite because the yolk mixes with the food)
Hard boiled (not ideal as it really doesn’t mix well with things)
And a whole host of other ways!  In fact, here’s 28 different delicious egg recipes.  
3 eggs = 21 grams of protein and 210 calories.
2 eggs are about the bare minimum I would suggest to eat at a meal.
A really simple go to breakfast
Grab 2-3 veggies, cut that shit up any way you like, saute it.
Grab some meat, around 3-4 ounces, wait until the veggies are the consistency you want, then throw it into the pan and mix it up.
Heat everything up, then….
Either set everything aside, clean out the pan then cook your eggs and put them on top of the other stuff.
Or, if your in a hurry, mix everything up, turn up the heat for about 3 minutes or so, mix everything, dump into a glass container and enjoy!