New Year – New BETTER You! 

This year, I am focusing on being better, not new…better.  Normally, most people think of the New Year as their chance to be a “New You.”  But…I have something to tell you…I hate that saying…New You.

YES!!! That’s what I’m talking bout!

Yes, I know all you see right now is “New Year New You”.  But, it’s all a marketing scam.  You can’t be NEW.  You get a new car because your old one is broken.  You get a new bathroom because you are tired of your old one.  You get a new wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend because the other one pissed you off too much.

But, through it all…your the same person.  You can never change who you are.  If you have an addictive personality, a short temper, give up easily, don’t focus on yourself, etc.  Those aspects of you will always be there, but you can be BETTER.  Who you are can’t change, and really…why would you want it to change.  Your AWESOME!  Your GREAT the way you are.  You don’t need a new you…you WANT a better you.

You want a better version of your self that is thinner.

You want a better version of your self that is stronger.

You want a better version of your self that makes more money (yes…we can help you with that!), has more energy, eats healthier, is taking fewer medications, can see their toes when they look down, etc.

Those don’t require you to be new, they just require you to be better. 

But, it still persists.  If anyone wanted a new version of themselves, it was me in 2016 when I was going through treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma.  In that year, I lost everything I had worked so hard for.

  • Our business suffered.  Try running a business when you’re throwing up every few hours, can’t get off the couch, your wife is taking care of our son, doing her best to make sure the gym doors stay open AND driving you to the hospital a few times every week for tests, scans, treatments, doctor visits, etc.
  • My health.  Vanished.  I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath.  And not just a little out of breath.  I would routinely have to lean against a wall because I felt light-headed after just going up a flight of stairs.
  • My strength I had worked so hard for, was gone.  It wasn’t a quick change, but more of a slow gradual change.  I fought for the first 3 months and tried to work out, but eventually, treatments caught up with me.  The strength I had worked for over 2 decades for, the strength I was proud of…gone in 6 months.  
  • I had to stop taking classes for my MS degree.  When you can’t read for longer than 30 minutes before you need to take a nap, it makes studying pretty hard.  Chemo brain is a real thing.
  • I developed a heavy reliance on medical cannabis that persisted into 2017.  It was my drug of choice to manage my symptoms as opposed to the cocktail they usually put you on while going through chemo.  I had severe reactions to a lot of the meds they put me on and after doing extensive research into medical cannabis, I decided that was going to be the way I managed the side effects.  Every three hours I would consume a large amount of cannabis.  That was the only thing that gave me an appetite, energy to leave the house, took my anxiety away, helped with my depression (it was pretty DEEP) and ultimately prevented me from puking 24/7, I still threw up A LOT, but not near as much as I would have.

Not the time to be training for anything…except to SURVIVE! You bet your ass I wanted a New Me at the end of this. But, I knew I couldn’t be new…only better.

By the end of 2016…I wanted a new me.  But, I knew, it was impossible to be NEW.  So I just focused on recovering.  

When 2017 hit, I decided I was going to sit back (after beating Cancer!) and enjoy the year.

  • I finished my Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance.
  • I got married to my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, awesome wife (also my business partner).
  • I took more vacations then I ever did before.
  • I started offering more personal training at KDR (I love training people!).
  • I weaned myself off of being in a stoned haze for 18 hours a day.
  • I read more fiction books instead of nutrition, fitness, self-help, business books.
  • I spent more time with my friends, family, and fra-mily. 

This about summed up 2017 for me.

Essentially…I focused on me.  Not being a new me.  Not being a better me.  Just me.  But this year, it’s all about being BETTER.  I don’t want a new me.  I want a better me.  A me that is stronger, healthier, leaner, smarter, more energetic, well-thier, etc.

And, I/we want to help you be better this year.

Why RIGHT NOW is the best time to focus on being better.

This time period, after the new year, before the kids are done with school in June is one of the BEST times to focus on you!  The weather is cold out, so that keeps you inside.  There are no holidays coming up that would derail your healthy lifestyle efforts.  You can get into a habit of prepping foods of the weekend (it’s not like your going to randomly take a trip to the beach because it’s a beautiful weekend!).  Your probably slightly depressed and suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder – both of which you can fix with a little Vitamin D and exercise.  You’re also probably pretty unhappy with how your clothes fit right now…I know I am.  And let’s face it, after the brutal cold that has happened in the Upper Valley, who isn’t looking forward to warmer weather and being out in the sun!  With that comes, of course, less clothing.   

The list goes on.  But, you get the idea.  Most people go into hibernating during these months – that’s totally fine and understandable.  I don’t know about you, but when I come out of hibernation this year, I want to feel, look and be BETTER than before.

We want to help you be better!

We are rolling out our next short-term program and we are looking for people that want to be healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner, more energized…BETTER in 2018.  It’s called “New Year – Better You” and it’s a team challenge where you and 4 other people will compete against other teams to see who can lose the greatest body fat percent.  The winning team will walk away with $5,000.00 to be split between the 5 people.  

Interested?  Click the picture below and let’s get started.  We even give you an option to start RIGHT NOW for only $10.  The challenge doesn’t officially start until February 5th, but we know some of you are chomping at the bit to be a better version of yourself.