Where are you from?
I am from Lebanon, NH. I have lived here all of my life surrounded by my awesome family.
How did you get connected to KDR Fitness? I worked in another local gym for 9 years, which is where I met Ben. After a couple years of dating and working at the gym together we decided that we wanted to do our “own” thing…and open up a gym. We did that in 2009, at our home by turning our giant 2 car garage into a training studio.


What has surprised you about working at KDR? Hmm…there has been many surprises co-owning the business. I have surprised myself in many ways over the years.  I never considered myself a leader…I wouldn’t say I was a follower but I did not have a strong leadership background when we opened KDR in 2009. We have grown(staff) pretty slowly over the years but I know lead an amazing team of 10. If you had asked me 15 years ago if I would co-own a gym with the love of my life and have a team of 10 I would have laughed and said NO. The whole experience is one big surprise!


A personal performance surprise…competing in 2 powerlifting meets.

Oh and I guess I love MUD! I have competed in over 10 obstacle courses.


My favorite exercise…there are so many…but I love deadlifts(I used to hate them but that is because I was not good at them and was intimidated by them before I started coaching). You can do DLs with KBs, Barbells, Sandbags, kids:), I used to deadlift my son before he was taller than I am, or really anything weighted. We pick up things everyday, and they are usually weighted(groceries, backpacks, purses, etc.), so in my opinion it is one of the best exercises for the young and old to do for strength but must be taught the proper form and technique.


I also LOVE:

Push ups

Hip Ups


KB Swings

TRX Rows

the list goes on and on.


Least favorite, and why? Hmmm…least favorite? I don’t really have a least favorite…I guess I would say forward lunges/walking lunges or any knee dominant movement but only because I see a lot of people with knee issues and there are over a hundred other exercises they can be doing.