Where are you from? 
I grew up in Ramsey, NJ and I moved up to West Lebanon in 1979.
How did you get connected to KDR Fitness?
I was watching TV one day and came across Ben  doing a show on a local station.  I watched it and then caught another episode or two and I remember thinking this guy makes sense.  I emailed Ben and invited him to speak to my TOPS group (Take Off Pounds Sensibly).  He came twice and he realized I really wanted to try his gym and he finally convinced me to try through quite a few emails.  The rest is history!  I started as a member and am now a coach. In February I will be at KDR 6 years!
What has surprised you about working at KDR?
I think what has surprised me most is how quickly you become a part of a member’s life.  You want to help them reach their goals and guide them and support through the good and bad times.  KDR has such a supportive community and our KDR TEAM cares so deeply about our members and the members in turn care about the Coaches.  It’s a great symbiotic relationship.  I’ve also been surprised at how much I bring my day job into the gym.   I’ve been a 1st grade teacher for over 30 years and I love bringing “teacher/coach” created ideas and themes into our endurance classes.  I think the members really enjoy that I  bring that aspect of my life into KDR.
What’s your most favorite exercise, and why?
My favorite exercise is the Deadlift.  I love the raw power of it!  At age 50 I deadlifted 315lbs and I remember thinking “damn, I’m a strong woman”  You can get strong at any age! Doing my first powerlifting competition at this age was amazing.
Least favorite, and why?
My least favorite exercise..Step ups.   I really don’t have a good reason as to why I don’t like them…maybe it just feel too repetitive.
Who inspires you and why?  As for KDR my inspirations are many.  My first inspiration is my fellow KDR team members; our coaches and KDR staff family. We are so diverse and we all have so many strengths that I have learned from them all and they have inspired me to be a better coach.  The willingness to share and guide makes for a strong team which in turns makes a strong KDR.  My second inspiration of course is our amazing members.  Watching them grow, take risks, and show a real to desire and dedication to make healthful changes keep me motivated to do the same.