Our series of interview with the fabulous KDR staff continues with a spotlight on the sassy Gina!

Where are you from?  

Originally I’m from Billerica Massachusetts. I also lived on our farm in Fairlee, VT for 5 years of my childhood then moved back to Massachusetts.  In 1997, Scott and I moved to Vermont and built our first home, a log home.   I’ve been living in the Upper Valley ever since.

How did you get connected to KDR Fitness?

I met Ben many years ago at the River Valley Club where he invited me to powerlift with his group.  I was strength training with him for a month or two and then did my first powerlifting meet. The best part for me was dropping weight before the meet.  I weighed in at 122 lbs and I was the world record holder for all lifts in my age (38) group, with Back Squat at 210 lbs, Bench press at 75 lbs, and Deadlift at 253 lbs.  Since then I have improved immensely–at the last meet Bench Press was 104 lbs and my Deadlift was 260 lbs.

Then four years later I got Certified as a personal trainer and looked him up again.

What has surprised you about working at KDR?  

I’ve learned a lot about people in general and I know that everyone has a story with life lessons learned and wisdom to share.  Also, lifestyle has a lot to do with weight loss.. not only what you eat or the workouts you do.  Everything is a stress on the body—for example, eating, sleeping and exercise are all good stressors……but not eating, not sleeping, too much exercise, work stress, family stress, etc. can all wreak havoc on you and your goals.

What’s your most favorite exercise, and why? Least favorite, and why?

I like the push press–the movement starts with a push from the legs giving you momentum to explode the weight up over your head.  My least favorite exercise is mountain climbers, my boobs bounce all around and my legs get fatigued.

Who inspires you and why?

The members inspire me–watching them move better, get stronger and lose weight takes hard work and dedication and all of us as a team helped them get there.