Four Week Dumbbell Workout for Strength

Grab two dumbbells and try this strength workout! Choose a weight that you can use for all four movements.

You will get stronger, build some muscle and get your heart rate up.

Perform ten repetitions of each movement in perfect form.  Then perform eight repetitions of each movement, then six, four and all of the way down to two reps of each exercise.

So for week one, you’ll do 10 SA OHP, then 10 SA Front Squats, then 10 SA Bent Over Rows, then 10 Dumbbell RDL. Start at the first exercise and do 8. Then 6, 4 and 2. Continue to weeks 2, 3 and 4 and challenge yourself!

Perform this workout two times a week on non-consecutive days for four weeks.

Week 1: 1 set

Week 2: 2 sets with 2-4 minutes rest between sets.

Week 3: 3 sets with 2-4 minutes rest between sets.

Week 4: perform as many sets as possible in 25 mins.

ChrisD RDL ex. snap shot

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