Ok, let’s talk eating while traveling, I am going to keep this easy and quick because I could write about this subject EXTENSIVELY.

Jamie and I used to travel a few times per year until last year (stupid cancer) to business events and we would routinely take weekend trips once a month.

Understand this – it’s a chore, but three days of falling off your diet can negate a week of being on it.

Since everyone here is interested in body re-composition (a fancy way of saying gain muscle and lose fat) I am going to keep it focused on that.


1st – Map out where you’re staying.  Is there a grocery store nearby that you can reasonably get to?

If so – go there,

  • buy some nuts (plan on 2-3 servings per day for males and 1-2 servings per day for females)
  • veggies and fruit (4 servings minimum for females and 8 servings for males, look for veggies that are already cut up or easy to eat that don’t require any prep)
  • lunch meat (this is where it gets a little crazy, guys, you’re going to need 12 oz per day, ladies, you will need about 6 oz per day). That’s a lot of lunch meat.  Stick with the minimally processed kind, with no MSG, no added hormones/antibiotics.  The lunch meat should be either ham, turkey or roast beef.  NO BOLOGNA.
  • low fat sliced cheese and high protein, high fiber bread (oh my god! BREAD!!!  That has gluten in it!  You’ll be ok, your traveling we need to make do with what we have) and mustard (man I love me some mustard).  Buy stuff that you know you will eat and you won’t throw away.

For breakfast – have a sandwich with half your meat on it (well that sounds weird….), one to two slices of cheese, if you’re really adventurous throw some broccoli sprouts on the sandwich, add some veggies like onions and peppers and then have a serving of nuts.  A low carb, high fiber wrap would also be an option.

Lunch – essentially the same thing you ate for breakfast.

Dinner – go out and eat a big ass salad with protein (preferably lean protein like shrimp or chicken) and olive oil (about 1-2 spoonful’s) and vinegar (lots).

Bonus points if you can get some protein powder at the grocery store, however, only buy enough to last you the few days your traveling.  You may be able to smuggle some protein onboard the plane, if you want to try this adventure, put it in two bags (so it doesn’t explode in your luggage).  Jamie has a baggy trick that consists of her putting the protein in a small ziplock bag, than cutting the end of the bag and using that as a funnel to fill her water.

If you can get the protein – have two protein shakes for ladies and 3-4 protein shakes for fellas.

Follow that plan and I can assure you that you will be on track (and maybe even lose a few pounds) for when you get back to the gym/home.


2nd option – no grocery store you can reasonably get to.

This option isn’t as good, however, it sure is a lot easier!!!

Go to stevespaleo (link below) it’s a great company that uses good quality meat in their beef jerky.  Plus, they have these SO YUMMY MEAL KITS composed of beef jerky, dried fruit and nuts AND the macros tend to be in line the macros we want you to hit.  Females go for the small kit, guys go for the large kit, or females can split the big pack.

We went to Canada a few years ago for a week and I LIVED off these packs for a week.  They are THAT good.  They can get a little bit messy because they don’t totally dehydrate the fruit (which is good!), so when they vacuum seal it, the juices of the berries and jerky (again not totally dehydrated like shoe leather) mix together – yum!

A good general calorie goal to look for with these packs is 1500 calories for females and 2000 for males.  I wouldn’t recommend eating these packs for your sole sustenance though as there really isn’t a lot of veggies in it.  However, have that big ass salad at night with some protein and you will be fine!

There ya go!  Some easy steps to eating on the road.  ONE LAST POINT!

Don’t go to the grocery store hungry or as soon as you get to the hotel.  I have done that countless times and I always end up buying WAY more food than I can reasonably eat, so I end up either throwing a lot of it away or stuffing my face before I leave.

Click HERE to check out Steve’s Paleo’s – full disclosure we do get a VERY small cut of the sale.