Hey FitFam — if you haven’t heard, KDR is going to be a drop off point for Root 5 Farm this year. Read up on them, and get your share right at the gym.

Here are 9 reasons to invest in a CSA farm share.

  1. Cost – It costs on average, $2.25 per week for one individual to get all of their recommended fruits and veggies. A household of 4 would mean that it’s about $10 per week. Farm shares usually run about $20 per week for (generally) organic, healthier and more environmentally friendly foods. If that’s not worth an extra $10 then I don’t know what is.
  2. Convenience – one stop gets you your fruit and veggies for the week. I GUARANTEE that if you don’t go to the grocery store with a list (which, let’s be honest…most people don’t) you will spend money that you didn’t need to, on food you didn’t need.
  3. Time – same as convenience really. Jamie and I spent about an hour in the grocery store. That’s an hour that I would gladly save if I could, seeing as how we get the same foods all the time (generally).
  4. Diversity – you don’t eat enough food items that are varied enough to get ALL of your essential vitamins and minerals. Not to mention in any kind of level that would allow you to optimize your self. Getting a farm share allows you to diversify your diet and include foods that you probably wouldn’t normally eat which introduces vitamins and minerals into your diet that your probably lacking or need. Plus, take your multi.
  5. Keep it local! Nuff’ said.
  6. Friends – there are only three us in my household (and one of them is not a big veggie eater). The though of getting a huge serving of fruits and veggies is a little daunting. And yes…it’s a big delivery for a measly $20. So, we split it with friends. It cuts the cost in half, and generally we share the leftovers with each other.
  7. Help a farmer! Farmers were once a vital part of our lives (in fact, we were all farmers at one point). But, it’s harder and harder for an entrepreneur to make it as a farmer. So help them out a little! The food is better for you, there is a person behind the counter that you know your helping and generally it’s cheaper then what you find at the grocery store.
  8. Cut down on your carbon foot print – the food we buy from the grocery store was arrived to that location in mass transit. Boat, plane or truck – that’s how your food got to your table. As opposed to being delivered (yes, I know it’s still in a truck) from a place that is only 10 miles down the road. The carbon foot print from the trip required to get you food from a farm that is in your home state versus Mexico is much lower.
  9. All the cool kids are shopping local and organic…don’t be left behind!