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Boost your energy with these three simple steps.

I want more energy!  I want more energy to do the stuff I like to do, like: Spending time with my wife and our 13-year-old (even if he doesn’t want to spend a lot of time with us.)  Working out!  Sometimes, I just don’t feel like I have the juice to work out.   Writing, blogging…

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Build a better relationship by getting dirty together!

Being a lifestyle gym, we are constantly looking at ways to make Wellth (fitness, health, wellness and well being) a part of people’s lives.  Sometimes that means getting loved ones involved, like getting dirty together!  Yes!  You can build a better relationship by getting dirty together! We think it’s important to keep your eye on…

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5 Reasons Why Being STRONG Is Important To Me!

female fitness trainer in the upper valley

1. Independence: Knowing I can do things on my own IF I have to. Have you ever had to pick something up at a store and thought to yourself “can I do this on my own, do I need to ask for help? I have! I don’t like feeling limited by my own thoughts or…

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New Year New You

KDR Fitness New Year New You Team Challenge You and a team of 2 could win up to $5000.00 in 8-weeks, just for losing weight and gaining muscle! No gimmicks. No starving your self. No crazy work outs. No countless hours on the treadmill. And, NO BS! Check out the video to learn more about…

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Are you a Swinger part 2 – how to swing!

Kettlebell Swing 101 Ben Dearman KDR Fitness There are hundreds (literally…if not thousands) of how to guides for KB swings.  In fact, the KB swing is probably the most bastardized exercise out there.  There are eight key components: Movement occurs primarily from the hip with little knee movement. The bell moves fast. The bell needs…

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Are you a swinger and December Challenge!

Are you a swinger? Ben Dearman KDR Fitness Kettlebell swinger that is!  Or the other kind…it’s 2015 people, lighten up a little bit! No judgements at KDR! At KDR we believe in following primal patterns – also known as the most common human movements. So, that means every work out needs to include a these…

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Six reasons September is the best month to join a gym.

Welcome to the New Year! PARENTS!  Your New Year starts now!  It’s back to REAL LIFE.  The next 9 months will be the sanest months for a majority of you. This is the absolute best time of the year for you to start a new fitness plan, especially if your kids are in 5th through…

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KDR Fitness Voted the Best Gym in the Upper Valley

WE WON! WE WON!  We are proud to announce that KDR FITNESS  was voted Best of the Best — Fitness Club in the Upper Valley. Every year, the Valley Business Journal conducts a reader survey in the April edition. A HUGE thank you to all the readers, our members, friends and family for making this…

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Jamie Crowe – The 50 Hottest Female Trainers in America 2014

Fitness philosophy: Fitness is a long-term journey—a journey of strength, flexibility, endurance, recovery, and happiness that changes as you set new goals and age. Balance is very important to me and to my clients. I love making women feel good inside and out. Hidden talent: Baton twirling Favorite post-workout snack: Protein shake with berries and…

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