At KDR, we do a lot of things different.  Our mission is to change people’s lives, we view Kettlebell Fitness as a door that allows that to happen, you could call it, “Life Changing Fitness”.  

One of the things we do different from other gyms is how we motivate our members to stay the course, lose weight, accomplish something GREAT…or just keep being awesome!  This is a post that is specifically written to our New Year New You Jump Start participants (all 60 of them!) but it’s absolutely applicable to the person that is working out to change their lives.

  • How far have you come?  
  • Where did you start? 
  • Where are you at now?

With most people doing their inbodies (a machine we use to track body composition) today I want you all to focus on…how far have you come in the last 4 weeks.

When I was going through chemo (it’s only been 6 months!) I used to DREAD stairs. Dread them. Hate them.

Kettlebell FitnessI took the elevator more in the 6 months going through chemo than I ever did…in my life. 

Because, every time I walked up ONE FLIGHT of stairs, I would need to stop, and breathe, and sometimes usually pant. 

When I saw stairs, I knew it was going to be followed by:

  • Legs burning.
  • Chest heaving.
  • Lungs trying to rib my chest open.
  • And my heart HAMMERING out of my chest.

After one flight. So, what are you proud of?  What have you accomplished in the last 4 weeks that you couldn’t do before? For me, it’s being able to SPRINT up SEVERAL flights of stairs and smile at the top!

How did the inbodies go?!  Remember, it’s only week 4. 

  • Have you seen amazing results in the last 4 weeks? 
  • Have you seen ok results in the last 4 weeks?
  • Have you seen no results in the last 4 weeks?

See below for what to do for each.

Great results – have you experienced a greater than 20% drop in body fat percent over the last 4 weeks, i.e. you started at 20%, now you’re at 16%, or you started at 40%, now you are at 32%.

CONGRATS!!! Those kind of results are the stuff of MYTHS and LEGENDS.  You have successfully managed to find the holy grail of weight loss…well you didn’t really find it, we told you want to do 😉

Take a day off of the diet (preferably on a work out day), preferably on a work out day, eat some more calories (500-1000 extra), drink a glass (or bottle) of wine to celebrate, because you should be celebrating that kind of success.

This will do two things – 1) it will help to prevent a metabolic and psychological burn out caused by having calories be too low for too long, i.e. don’t deprive yourself for too long!  2) It will give your body a big boost of extra calories it may need.  If it doesn’t need it, that’s ok, it will just burn off those extra calories in addition to burning off some extra fat in the process.

ONLY DO THIS IF YOU CAN GO BACK ON YOUR DIET!  Don’t do this tactic if you are afraid that you may not be able to get back on the plan.

OK results – A drop of around .5-1% in body fat percent per week or a change of about 10% in the last 4 weeks.  In other words, you started at 30, than went to 29, than went to 28 than went to 27 (a 10% change as well as a drop of 1% per week).  Or, let’s say you started at 20, than 19.5, than 19, than 18.5.  That’s good too!!! 

These kind of results are GREAT!  FANTASTIC!  Not everyone will have a 1%+ drop per week, and that’s OK!  In the grand scheme of things, give me a 1% change per month for 12 months, than a 5% change in one month, with no change for a few months.

  • What can you do to improve your results? 
  • Can you get more sleep? 
  • Can you get better sleep? 
  • Can you drink more water?    
  • Can you be tighter on your diet? 
  • Are you hitting your calories? 
  • How about your protein? 
  • Are you getting 4 days of the gym in, two conditioning and two strength? 
  • Are you taking your supplements?
  • Are you having a work out recovery shake?
  • Are you experiencing a pump, burn and strain during your resistance training sessions (remember, those are the mechanisms required for muscle growth, hit 3 out of 3 for best results)?
  • Are you working 85% to 70% in the conditioning classes?

If your hitting all of those points – than stay the course!  If not, focus on the areas you have gaps in.  DON’T CHANGE!  Sometimes, it takes a week or four for your body to catch up with what you’re doing.

 Ok…so what about those of you not experiencing good or great results?
Well – look at that list above.  Be honest.

  • What do you need to do? 
  • Where are your holes?

If you can’t figure it out, talk to your coach!  That’s their job, figure out what you’re not doing and start doing it. You have 4 weeks to get your shit together. Your still in this contest! And, if life has gotten in the way, don’t worry!  What you are doing now is creating a VERY SOLID FOUNDATION for weight loss to happen. 


You don’t fail when what you try doesn’t work. 

You fail when you stop trying.

Don’t just join a gym – join a community!  Interested in our gym?  Like what you read and want to learn more about what we do?