Are you beach body ready? I’m not and I don’t care.  It’s warmer and that means – beaches, BBQ’s, parties…in short, less clothing to hide under!  Years ago my first thought would have been “Shit. I have to put on a bathing suit!” Leading up to – working out more, eating less and abusing myself physically and mentally because I just “had to” look good in a bathing suit.   I might have “looked good” but I didn’t feel good.  In fact, often times I felt run down, low energy, aches and tired from the constant work outs and low calories.

I fell for the media telling me I should look a certain way and I succumbed to the idea of comparing myself to other people.  That’s a downward spiral!  Don’t fall for it!

I would be sore from beating my body up, had low energy from low calories, and still didn’t feel confident in my bikini. I remember thinking to myself one day – “maybe I should go with a one piece suit”.  Which is nuts I know!  I know I look “good enough” to wear a bikini, but like most of you, what the mirror shoes me isn’t what I see.

I have stretch marks.

I have cellulite.

I have FAT!

In short, I didn’t feel confident.

My small bikini (because they came together) bottoms didn’t fit right or comfortably. I was a young mom…should mom’s wear bikinis?  I hear moms say this a lot.  Yes!  Your a woman too!  Be proud of you body!

This was 5 years ago. Ben wanted to use it for some marketing but I wouldn’t let him because I used to hate this picture.

I didn’t love or embrace the body I had.  I was working with 100s of woman who felt the same way. Here I was coaching them to love their bodies while I was self-conscious with my own.  I knew I needed to change.  Those women inspired me to love my body.  Motivating them to love their bodies, helped me embrace my own insecurities and change my mindset.  It was a great feeling to finally be able to focus on FEELING good and then LOOKING good vs. the other way around…in fact, sometimes, the people that look the best…feel like shit.

A few things I started to do to change my mindset.

  1. Stopped weighing myself.  We don’t own a scale at home and it’s rare you find me on one at the gym.
  2. Found a bikini that fit properly and felt good which made me feel good!
    • Side note on this: I wear a small top and a large bottom. You CAN order them separately! I love my size LG booty!
  3. Stopped talking negatively about my body and comparing my self to other people.
  4. Focused on the things that made me FEEL good like eating more veggies, drinking more water, getting to bed on time, etc.

Yoga on the beach! Something I never would have participated in.

Eventually I stopped thinking about how much I weighed, stopped thinking negative thoughts about my body and stopped worrying about having to put my bathing suit on and being beach body ready.  If I’m at the beach – I am beach body ready!

I look forward to putting on my bathing suit because now that means fun in the sun, spending time with family or friends, playing beach games, and NOT killing a good time worrying about how I look.

Be proud of your body!  It’s done amazing things and it will continue to do amazing things.  One of the most amazing things it CAN do is reward you.  By you making good choices – you get rewarded with a body that feels good and looks great!

80% of looking good is feeling good – Ben Dearman

Don’t get me wrong wanting to change your body is not bad. I think you can love your body and want to change it.  To me, that’s self love.  You love your self so much that you want to improve it.  Not because you hate X about you, or Y about you, but because you LOVE X and want to make it better!

These days I can’t WAIT to put my bathing suit on!


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