Are we allowed to change our opinion?

Ben Dearman – KDR Fitness

Ahh…Facebook.  Where would we be without you?  I can’t barely imagine it.

Actually we would be a lot healthier and with probably less incidence of neck issues, but I digress.

FB has this wonky little thing where it (randomly?) posts…past posts…onto your wall so that only you can see it.

This is what came up on my feed today:

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I copied and pasted it below so you didn’t have to squint – this was exactly three years ago today – June 28 2013.  Why this post FB…WHY?!  I also put my new thoughts into this post in red.  Kind of like – this is how I disagree with my self now, or have changed my opinion on something.

“The AMA (american medical association) has reclassified obesity as a disease.

Well that’s genius. Let’s make a condition, more specifically a lifestyle condition (truth, they actually have a name for it – Obesenogenic Lifestyle/environment.  However, I guess it’s not really a condition, more of a choice that you sometimes can change and sometimes can’t.) , into a disease so that the insurance companies can now pay for treatment and doctors can now be paid to treat obese patients.

Obesity isn’t a disease (well I guess technically it is now), it’s a choice that is based on poor information, too much information and lack of education  (I like this sentence because you can have information thrust down your throat but lack the education on how to utilize that information.  I also think, now, that it’s a choice, plain and simple.  I don’t think the information available now is delivered in such a way as to be unconsumable by the public.  They have calories on practically everything now as well as warning labels on some food items, if a consumer eats that Big Mac, it’s because it’s their choice.) We all know that chicken and carrots are better for you then McDonald’s and yet every year the fast food chain grows in size. Why?  (Convenience, plain and simple.  It’s convenient to get your food in 5 minutes vs. 50 minutes.)

For two reasons –
1. Paralysis by analysis – there is way too much free information available to the public that are, at best, blanket statements and at worse, wrong.  (This still holds true.  There is more free information available now on health then at any other point in human history.  So, someone might be reading an article on how to de-bloat when they have Crohn’s Disease – which can cause bloating.  People need a guide now more then ever.  And yes, I still agree with the idea that people become paralyzed by over analyzing what is out there.)
2. Lazy-ness (this is rude of me, laziness is a poor reason why people don’t lose weight.) – eating good and being healthy are difficult, but not hard. You have to plan your meals and cook your own foods. That’s it. But, that takes time and preparation, it also means that you can’t watch as much TV, play as many video games, etc.  (I NOW think MOST people initially gain weight because they are in an unhappy situation – life, work, self, etc.  They turn to food for many reasons during these times, one of the biggest ones being food delivers pleasure.  And if you’re unhappy, pleasure is in poor supply.  It’s not laziness that is a roadblock to losing weight, it’s unhappiness.)

Wanna know a sure fire way to lose weight?
Find out how much money you spend in a week on take out, take that money and for one month deposit into an account right from your pay check. Then, cancel your cable bill, or unplug your TV and throw away the wire connecting the TV to the box. You still have internet, so quit your whining sally pants. Now you have the free time you didn’t have before to plan your meals and cook your food. Plus, by focusing on your health for one month you will be paid back that month x 12….yes….I said you will gain an extra 12 months onto your life, at least.  (yeah…this still holds true.  Do it for one month. You would be surprised how much weight you lose and how much money you gain…but I am not sure about the 12 months thing.  I mean it makes sense, being healthier means a longer life…but it would also make sense that taking care of your self reduces your risk of getting cancer…ahem….)

Do that for one month and let me know how it goes.”

So there you go.  My new thoughts on ideas that I had, 3 years later, half a masters class in nutrition, hundreds of clients…later.

Does it bother you that I changed my thoughts on nutrition?  It shouldn’t.

It should make you feel GREAT, because I am learning and consequently my team and KDR is becoming better.

Remember –

Ideas are many.

Principles are few.

Ideas may change.

Principles never do.

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