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Our 6 week "Stronger You" program includes:

  • A custom strength training program specific to your physical goals.
  • Three small semi-private strength training sessions per week.
  • Unlimited access to our KICK ASS gym!
  • One HIGH ENERGY Conditioning Class per week. What good is being strong if you get out of breath going up a flight of stairs?!
  • Unlimited access to our AWESOME KDR Coaches via a private Facebook group.
  • A thorough pre-stronger you evaluaton to ensure we deliver the best program to you to help you get STRONGER!
  • A simple nutrition plan to follow that boosts your energy and gives you the fuel you need to CRUSH IT!

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"Because of KDR I am stronger and have way more energy! I trained with KDR through both of my pregnancies and thatnks to them, I can keep up with both of my young kids. Plus my husband loves my guns!" Carrie G. 

"I feel so much stronger since joining KDR! My confidence is higher and I feel great!" Deb. C.

"I love my new strength! I play softball on the weekends and thanks to KDR I am hitting the ball farther, running faster, stealing more bases and everyone keeps asking me how I got so much STRONGER!" - Amanda S.

We will teach you THE BEST EXERCISES to improve your overall strength, fitness level and confidence. Our coaches are EXPERTS at getting people strong!

Our knowledgeable and certified coaches will show you exactly what to do - every time you come in!

Do you want to accomplish your first push up or pull up? 

Do you want to be ready for the upcoming Mud Run Season?  

Do you want to feel more confident on that hike?

Or maybe...you just want to be STRONGER?! 

We can help you accomplish that goal!

"KDR helped me accomplish my first Mud Run! I was strong, fit and capable to tackle all of the obstacles with NO INJURIES! Thanks KDR!" - Abby H.


Money Back Guarantee!