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Are you a runner? Then you need to do these exercises!

Are you a runner?  Do these three exercises before and after your next run for pain free hamstrings and faster foot turn over.

Ben Dearman, owner KDR Fitness

It’s 70 out and that means people are itching to start running.  And that means the typical running injuries of – tight/pulled hamstrings, knee pain and shin splints are just around the corner for most of you.

Incorporate these 3 basic movements into your pre and post running routine to help combat those nagging injuries.

We call this the Triple Threat!  Start with only a few reps of each movement pre and post run.  Go for the burn, as soon as you feel your muscles start to burn stop.  Also, think controlled and slow for this movement.

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Ben Dearman
Hi, my name is Ben. I am a cancer survivor, blogger, educator and coach. It’s my passion to educate people on health and fitness. The current state of the field is unacceptable to me – overly complicated with too much conflicting information. It’s my goal to help people be as healthy as possible while spending the least amount of time working on it. Work smarter, not harder!


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