"New Year Better You" 2018 Team Challenge @ KDR Fitness.

You and a team of 4 could win up to $5000.00 in 12 weeks, just for losing weight and gaining muscle! Grab some workout buddies (or we can put you on a team) and let's get started!

Why KDR's NYBY18 Team Challenge?

Our 12 week Transformation Challenge is EXACTLY what you need after the holidays. It's a jump start, a makeover and a get ready for Spring all rolled into one kick ass, results driven KDR Fitness program. Plus it's a team challenge! That means you don't do it alone. 

Grab your best bud, co-worker, friend, family member, spouse or even child! You will accomplish more by having a great support system. Plus, you will all be working for that big money prize!

 January is the PERFECT time to RE-focus on YOU after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. In fact, we think some of the BEST MONTHS to focus on yourself are between January and May. 

While other people are focusing on being "New" in 2018, focus on being BETTER! You are great the way you are! But, you can always be BETTER.

A HEALTHIER you trumps a new you. A STRONGER you beats a new you. A LEANER you looks a hell of a lot different than a new you. 

Be BETTER in 2018.

Challenge runs February 5th to April 28th.



Our 12 week program focuses on the three ESSENTIALS for results:


Support + Accountability = Support-ability.

You will be on a team of like-minded AWESOME people that will help hold you accountable.

Plus every team gets their own KDR Coach to answer any questons and make sure you get the most out of the program.

A lot of stuff can happen in 12 weeks (like LIFE!). Adopting a healthy lifestyle is about learning how to adapt to life's hurdles.

That's where our KDR Coaches come in!


From gym to kitchen, we will tell you exactly what to do to ensure we turn you into raving fans.

You won't follow crazy diets, juice cleanses or eat bars all day long.

You also won't need to spend hours in the gym or do long bouts of boring cardio.

Show up for 4 workouts per week, follow the simple nutrition plan we lay out (just real food - real often!) and be STUNNED at how much progress you can make in 12 weeks!


Strength training is tough. Change is hard. Gyms are intimidating!

Not at KDR! No Judgements - Just Results. We pride ourselves on being the gym for non-gym people.

From bi-weekly themed workouts, to a coach with you every workout, to workouts that change daily - all in a no judgements atmosphere.

Working out is hard, but it shouldn't be misery. Let's have some fun doing it! 

Why we are different.

Mary lost over 50 pounds!

Mary lost over 50 pounds!

We are the ONLY Lifestyle focused gym in the Upper Valley. 

We respect all hardcore fitness devotees. You'll even find some on our staff! But we know that's not everyone. 

In fact, KDR is a gym for people who want serious fitness and health gains without having to upend everything else in their busy lives. 

Being better is about changing your lifestyle. It's not about "hardcore" or "insane" workouts. It doesn't include "cleanses" or overly restrictive diets that don't allow you to eat the things you want. 

It's about making smart, educated decisions centered around food, rest and movement. 

That's why we are different - we help you adopt that healthy lifestyle that will give you lasting results. 

A few points:

- Every team needs to have 2 non-members, teams can be all non-members.

- Don't have a team? We can put you on one, no problem!

- Wining team is determined by the greatest change in body fat percent.

- 8 teams minimum to offer $5,000.00 pot. 

We're the ONLY gym that will offer you a money back guarantee. We can do that because we know what works and how to get results!

Choose Your Own Fitness Adventure!

We have a plan that fits your budget.


Our Basic membership is for the person that has no physical limitations (past/current injuries/aches/pains) and includes: 

  - Unlimited use of our 5000-sq. ft. gym. - Unlimited High Energy Group Conditioning Classes. - Nutrition Coaching. - Nutrition Journal. - Ultimate Accountability! Every team will have a KDR Coach as their “Captain”. The coach's job is to make sure you see the best results possible! - Access to a private closed FB group where we will help keep you motivated, post compliant recipes and just generally help you kick more ass! - A “get started" kitchen makeover and shopping list. Take the guess work out of your diet by having good foods on hand to help you make GREAT healthy lifestyle decisions. - A KDR compliant recipe guide full of compliant recipes you can whip up in under 30 minutes. - The chance to win up to $5000.00*  

$49 per week.

Not sure where to begin? Start here. Before you begin your membership you will meet with one of our awesome coaches to help you get the most out of your gym membership.


Our upgraded membership is for the person that has some physical limitations (past/current injuries/aches/pains) and wants to focus on getting stronger and building lean body mass.

Includes all of the Basic Membership optons PLUS:

- Up to 8 Small Group Personal Training Strength Training Sessions per month. - A personalized workout plan. - 3 days of done for you diet. We tell you exactly what to eat, when to eat it and how much to have. - 2 jugs of protein powder ($110 value)  

Only $99 per week. 



Our Elite membership is for that person that has serious physical limitations, wants ultimate accountability and is ready for a SERIOUS UPGRADE.

Includes all of the Upgraded Membership options PLUS:

- 15 One-on-One Personal Training Sessions. - A private lifestyle coaching meeting ($100 value) - 7 days of done for you diet. We tell you exactly what to eat, when to eat it and how much to have. ($199 value) - Supplement health pack + weight loss stack – ($400 value)  

  $149 per week.