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Bad Ass Kettlebell Workout!

Try this Bad Ass Kettlebell Workout! 

All you need is 2 kettlebells for this bad ass kettlebell strength workout. Don’t worry your heart rate will get up there!

Perform the following exercises with good form.

KB Bent Over Seesaw Row – 10 reps each side

KB Deadlift- 10 reps

KB Single Arm Floor Press -10 reps each side

KB Single Arm Rack Post Lunge – 10 reps each side

Rest 60s

Repeat two to three times.


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Ben Dearman
Hi, my name is Ben. I am a cancer survivor, blogger, educator and coach. It’s my passion to educate people on health and fitness. The current state of the field is unacceptable to me – overly complicated with too much conflicting information. It’s my goal to help people be as healthy as possible while spending the least amount of time working on it. Work smarter, not harder!


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