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KB Competition Breathing

KB Competition Breathing

Ben Dearman

You would be surprised at how hard breathing is when you have to focus on it.  Taking control of your breathing while doing KB movements is HUGE!  Generally we like to see people hit 8-12 reps per minute in the long cycle and 10-12 reps in the snatch for a 10 minute set.

Breathing properly is the difference between 80 reps in 10 minutes and 100 reps in 10 minutes.

Watch this short tutorial on how to breath while doing the KB competition movements.

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Ben Dearman
Hi, my name is Ben. I am a cancer survivor, blogger, educator and coach. It’s my passion to educate people on health and fitness. The current state of the field is unacceptable to me – overly complicated with too much conflicting information. It’s my goal to help people be as healthy as possible while spending the least amount of time working on it. Work smarter, not harder!


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