Before chemo, I was a “Got To” person when it came to exercise and diet as opposed to a “Get To” person and Fitness Coach.

• “I got to do my work out today.”

• I got to eat to be healthy.”

• “I got to be strong.”

• “I got to work on myself to be better.”

I was someone that did things because I felt like I had to. I didn’t appreciate that a lot of the things I was doing were actually privileges, not necessities.




Cancer really opened my eyes to the difference between Got To and Get To.

• When it’s a struggle to get out of bed…

• When it’s hard to hold food down…

• When it’s hard to keep your weight up…

• When it’s hard to walk up a flight of stairs…

• You don’t really have a choice anymore.

It was more like, “Shit. I got to walk up that flight of stairs“, or, “Damn it, I got to get up out of bed so I don’t throw up on my bedroom floor…again.


Now! NOW!!!! I GET TO!


• I get to….
• Work out.
• Eat healthily.
• Work on improving myself.


You have a choice to make. You can either be in the “Get To” or “Got To” camp. If you‘re in the “Got To” camp then it will always be a chore, not matter what it is.


• You got to do the dishes.
• You got to put gas in your car.
• You got to pay your taxes.
• You got to do a lot of shit that you don’t really want to do.

Exercise and eating healthy should be in the get to category, not lumped in with changing your kid’s dirty diapers or paying that speeding ticket.


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Ben Dearman
Hi, my name is Ben. I am a cancer survivor, blogger, educator and coach. It’s my passion to educate people on health and fitness. The current state of the field is unacceptable to me – overly complicated with too much conflicting information. It’s my goal to help people be as healthy as possible while spending the least amount of time working on it. Work smarter, not harder!
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