KDR Fitness - Holiday Hold'em   

KDR Fitness is looking for 15 HIGHLY MOTIVATED people that want to:

- Maintain their weight over the holidays - the AVERAGE American gains 5-10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years.  Don't be average!  LOSE weight over the holidays!

- Take control of their festivity feedings - we will tell you exactly what to do to minimize holiday weight gain. You don't have to eliminate ANYTHING!  Have your cake and eat it too!  

- Go into the New Year weighing less then they did before Thanksgiving and looking fantastic for that special holiday party!   

If you are selected for this program, and don't gain any weight over the holidays you have the chance to win $300! 

Challenge starts the week of Thanksgiving (must be weighed in by Thursday 23rd)   and ends the Saturday after New Year's (January 6th).


The average American will gain 5-10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year's.  Don't be average, be EXCEPTIONAL!  Lose weight this holiday season NOT gain! 

We want to make sure you are setup for success and make keeping the weight off as easy as possible.  
Included in the prorgram:  

Included - KDR Fitness Survive the Holidays Manual

We are going to include our "Survive the Holidays" Manual for FREE.  This manual is full of tips and trips (from work outs to destressing and everything in between) to help you make it through the holidays and come out weighing LESS then you when you started!  Yours 100% FREE!

No diet gimmicks, just great education and easy to follow directions to allow you to have your cake and eat it too!

How do I win MONEY?!

Each week you will weigh in.  
Every week you weigh in, and don't gain weight you are given one playing card.
If you lose more then a lb of fat, you get two cards.  
Weight gain means no card.

At the end of the challenge, you take your "hand" and make the best poker hand you can (5 card max).  Best hand wins $300!  In the event of a tie it goes to a one card draw, highest card wins. 

Make this season the one year you DON'T GAIN WEIGHT!  

From the beginning to the end - we will be there helping you stay focused on YOU.  With a mix of our kick ass work outs, no judgements community and awesome knowledgeable coaches we will ensure that come New Year's Eve, you will be healthier, happier and fitter then you have been in the past!