Where are you from?

I am from all over, I was born here in Lebanon and I have lived in 7 states over the past 25 years of my life. I have never thought of just one place as my home. I have become who I am by acquiring a little taste of each state.

How did you get connected to KDR?

Another member hooked me up with a month trial and I loved it so much that I became a member! I told Ben and Jamie that I loved it and could see myself doing something like this as a career and they asked if I wanted to do an internship with them. It was all over from there — I was hooked!!

What has surprised you about KDR?

I love that we have a family atmosphere here and that everyone is so kind and people here really care about you. I think that the most surprising thing is that I have become close with members,they have become friends outside of the gym, and I never expected that to happen.

Favorite exercise? why?

Bench Press. I love that it is a total body exercise; you have to keep everything tight, and it makes me feel strong knowing that I can lift so much with my upper body!

Least favorite exercise? why?

Post lunges. They get my heart rate up quite a bit, and my legs always burn during them… I don’t like them because they are a good leg and butt workout! ha!

Who inspires me ? why?

I would say that I have looked up to Ben and Jamie since I started here, they are both strong people not only physically but mentally as well. They started out very small and they became by working hard. They’ve had great success. Its inspiring!

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