Where are you from?
I was born in Atlanta GA, but grew up in Ivanhoe, NC-I’m sure you’ve heard of it.


How did you get connected to KDR Fitness?
My friend and former member Cortney Keen, told me about KDR- thought that I would like it. I was having some back issues and she knew they could help!


What has surprised you about working at KDR?
I had no idea I would do so well and enjoy it so much. I was meant to do this before Ben asked me if I was looking for a job- this field was not on my radar.


My favorite exercise is Deadlift. Pick it up- Put it down and repeat. They make me feel like a true badass not to mention they are are full body workout!


Least favorite, and why?
Running. It get so incredibly bored running and so many people do it so badly!! There is nothing I hate to see more than poor running form- its a great way to get very hurt. Come deadlift instead!

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Ben Dearman
Ben views fitness and nutrition as a journey and is the consummate educator. He has a BS in Exercise Science, has taken massage classes, is wrapping up his Masters in Nutrition and Performance and is constantly reading and educating the KDR Team and Members. In 2016 he was diagnosed with Cancer which cause him to radically change his views on health, fitness and lifestyle.
Ben Dearman

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