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Technique Tip

The KDR RPE Scale – How hard are you working?

How hard are you really working during your workouts? At the end of the day, you have to have burned more calories then you consumed to lose weight.  You can accomplish this in only one of two ways: You eat less food. You burn more calories through activity. There is a saying in the fitness…

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Book Report – 1% Fitness by Mike Sheridan

Let’s Get Moving! Guest post from Lara our kick ass office manager and fitness coach on 1% Fitness by Mike Sheridan. In keeping with great KDR tradition, we are constantly educating ourselves so we can offer our members Knowledge Driven Results. In October, I read 1% Fitness by Mike Sheridan and loved it!  I loved it…

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Its not a secret that we love Kettlebells at KDR. But why?

When people first come to KDR they are usually (this is based off on our experience and the clientele that comes in) de-conditioned and not as strong as they could be.  Plus, they are generally intimidated!  Coming into a weight room full of equipment you don’t know how to use or have never seen before…

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Why Do We Deadift In Fitness Training?

KDR Fitness Coach

If are a member at KDR, you deadlift, sometimes more than once a week in Fitness Training.  Most knowledgeable Fitness Trainers are going to have their clients deadlift.  Why?  What’s the benefit of doing this exercise and why do we have ALL of our members do them?     What is the deadlift? The human…

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    KALE & SWEET POTATO BREAKFAST HASH:                             INGREDIENTS:  2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and dice into small cubes 1 medium onion, finely diced 2 cups kale, finely chopped 3 tbsp butter (or cooking fat of choice) 1 tbsp garlic, minced…

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Weekend-Workout – #kdrwkndwrkt

Can’t get to the gym this weekend? That’s ok. We have a #kdrwkndwrkt for you.   Complete our RAMP. What is a Ramp? Click on the link in case you missed it.   Complete the following movements for AMRAP in 20 mins.   Hand Walk out to Spiderman  4 each side   Burpees 15…

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Weekend-Workout #kdrwkndwrkt

                                Complete your warm-up for as many rounds as possible in 5-8 minutes.   Then complete as many rounds as possible of this in 20:00!   Jump Squats x 10   Inch worms x 5   Marching Hip Ups x…

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Bad Ass Kettlebell Workout!

Try this Bad Ass Kettlebell Workout!  All you need is 2 kettlebells for this bad ass kettlebell strength workout. Don’t worry your heart rate will get up there! Perform the following exercises with good form. KB Bent Over Seesaw Row – 10 reps each side KB Deadlift- 10 reps KB Single Arm Floor Press -10…

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Exercise Technique Tip – KB Deadlift

Exercise Technique Tip – KB Deadlift The KB Deadlift is one of our favorite movements. Why? The deadlift is the most important exercises you can do for a total workout. Utilizing every muscle in your body you’ll build muscle, burn more calories, increase flexibility and turn on your nervous system all at once. KB Deadlift…

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EXERCISE TECHNIQUE TIP– SA KB FLOOR PRESS The Kettlebell Floor Press is an excellent exercise to build strength and muscle in Chest, shoulders, and arms. By doing this movement with a single Kettlebell it requires more stabilization throughout the body. The Floor Press is one of our favorite exercises because they are safer on your…

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Exercise Technique Tip – KB SA Rack Post Lunge

Exercise Technique Tip – KB Single Arm Rack Post Lunge  Lunges are unilateral exercises, meaning that they train one side of your body independently from the other. Training one side at a time improves your balance and coordination. Lunges are great for improving Quad strength as well as increase hip flexor flexibility.  This exercise will…

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Exercise Technique Tip of The Week – KB Split Stance Seesaw Row The KB Split Stance Seesaw Row is a great exercise to build a sexy back.  In the split stance position you will use your core to control the pull while burning fat and building muscle. KB Split Stance Seesaw Row Steps:  Bend at…

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Four Week Dumbbell Workout for Strength

Four Week Dumbbell Workout for Strength Grab two dumbbells and try this strength workout! Choose a weight that you can use for all four movements. You will get stronger, build some muscle and get your heart rate up. Perform ten repetitions of each movement in perfect form.  Then perform eight repetitions of each movement, then…

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Exercise Technique Tip – Dumbbell RDL

Exercise Technique Tip of the week – Dumbbell RDL Dumbbell Romanian(What do the Romanians have to do with it? Not sure…but it sounds bad ass) Deadlifts are one of our deadlifts variations (hence the name). This movement strengthens your glutes, hamstrings, lower back and a little bit of the lower leg. The execution of the…

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Exercise Technique – SA Bent Over Row

Exercise Technique – SA Bent Over Row The SA Bent Over Row is a great exercise for building an amazing back!  Your biceps and grip are also involved as you pull the dumbell to your belly button. Dumbbells offer you the unique advantage of performing the bent-over row unilaterally. We recommend including both unilateral and bilateral…

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