30 days of Glutes!

30 days of Glutes!

kettlebell fitness coach butt sculpting

  Those glutes weren’t given to her. They were earned!

Not that long ago, glutes were thought to be one of those muscle groups you couldn’t train effectively.  However, (THANK GOD!) we now know that’s not true!  They are a muscle just like any other muscle and can respond to exercise the same way other muscles respond, they can get stronger, with more tone and you can even SCULPT your booty (arguably) better then other body parts.  

A strong butt will help protect the back and knees from injury AND is imperative if you want to be the best athlete you can be.  Glutes are THE prime mover in hip extension (pushing your foot behind your hip) during sprinting, skating, etc.

                                    Looking at that booty! You don’t get that by running slow.

That’s great if you want a better looking butt!  Check out our 30 days of glutes challenge and start rocking a tighter butt that:

  • Will help protect your lower back from injuries.
  • Help you in almost all sporting events.
  • Will fill out your jeans better!  No one wants a desk ass.

Don’t forget to squeeze your glutes at the top of every motion!


Do you want a stronger and more sculpted butt?  Sign up for our 6 week Stronger You program!


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I’m a GET TO be a Fitness Coach: Do You GET TO or GOT TO?

I’m a GET TO be a Fitness Coach: Do You GET TO or GOT TO?

Before chemo, I was a “Got To” person when it came to exercise and diet as opposed to a “Get To” person and Fitness Coach.

• “I got to do my work out today.”

• I got to eat to be healthy.”

• “I got to be strong.”

• “I got to work on myself to be better.”

I was someone that did things because I felt like I had to. I didn’t appreciate that a lot of the things I was doing were actually privileges, not necessities.

Cancer really opened my eyes to the difference between Got To and Get To.

• When it’s a struggle to get out of bed…

• When it’s hard to hold food down…

• When it’s hard to keep your weight up…

• When it’s hard to walk up a flight of stairs…

• You don’t really have a choice anymore.

It was more like, “Shit. I got to walk up that flight of stairs“, or, “Damn it, I got to get up out of bed so I don’t throw up on my bedroom floor…again.


Now! NOW!!!! I GET TO!


• I get to….
• Work out.
• Eat healthily.
• Work on improving myself.


You have a choice to make. You can either be in the “Get To” or “Got To” camp. If you‘re in the “Got To” camp then it will always be a chore, not matter what it is.


• You got to do the dishes.
• You got to put gas in your car.
• You got to pay your taxes.
• You got to do a lot of shit that you don’t really want to do.

Exercise and eating healthy should be in the get to category, not lumped in with changing your kid’s dirty diapers or paying that speeding ticket.


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Your Kettlebell Fitness Coach Says-Simplify Your Diet With Veggies

Your Kettlebell Fitness Coach Says-Simplify Your Diet With Veggies

Every day I eat at least two pounds of COOKED veggies + fruit, by doing it this way I find it really simplifies my diet as far as veggies and fruits go.  That’s a pound of cooked veggies and then a pound of fruit.  For instance today I am having the below picture.
PLUS 8 ounces of blueberries and two bananas, in addition, whatever I have tonight with dinner.  All my life I have been a habitual POOR veggie eater.  I think that’s probably the norm for most of you reading this.

Sure you might eat veggies…but do you eat ENOUGH veggies?

Well, the American heart association uses:


  • 1 cup of raw leafy vegetables (about the size of a small fist),
  • 1/2 cup of other vegetables or 1/2 cup of vegetable juice.


  • 1 medium fruit (medium is defined as the size of a baseball);
  • 1/2 cup chopped, cooked or canned fruit; or 1/2 cup juice.”

They even allow fruit juice to count!!!  Don’t count that, in fact don’t even consume it, it’s loaded with nothing but sugar.

The dietary guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 edition tells a different story.  This TOME (literally…it’s about 200 pages) is compiled by a team of dieticians, doctors, nutrition scientists, etc.  Arguably it’s as close as we can get to following good guidelines that our government has put out.  It’s still flawed and very cumbersome to use, but it does provide a bunch of useful information.  Link here – https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/resources/2015-2020_Dietary_Guidelines.pdf

They say (this is paraphrasing because they actually break it down various groups) to eat roughly 10 cups of veggies per day…that’s not counting fruit!!!!

Those are pretty big numbers to fill for an average person that realistically should be consuming at a minimum 10 cups of veggies per day for a male and somewhere around 8 cups as a female…not counting fruit.

How many cups are in a pound?  I have no clue.  But, I know if I eat a pound of veggies every day, it puts me closer to that 10 cup mark.
Here is what it usually breaks down to per day:

  • 1-2 onions
  • 1-2 peppers
  • 6 oz of mushrooms various kinds
  • 5 handfuls of kale
  • 4 handfull broccoli

That’s what it looks like while I am cooking it.

What I have started doing is to put the veggies in a big container, see above, and eat it throughout the day.

What are the benefits to eating soo much fruit and vegetables?

There are three main benefits that can be broken down into many subgroups:
1.  Fiber (insoluble and soluble) – fiber will help with bowel movements as well as fill you up, and it provides energy for the beneficial bacteria living in our gut.
2.  Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – these nutrients are all requisites to living a healthy, disease free life.
3.  Pro and prebiotics – fruits and veggies are our main source of pre and probiotics.  This biotics, or biota, help populate our microbiome.  Taken as a whole, they help us break apart and absorb various nutrients such as protein, carbs, and fat in addition to vitamins and minerals.

But ultimately I don’t give a shit about any of that.  I care about feeling and looking good.  When I eat enough veggies I notice I have a flatter stomach, my mood and energy is stable and great, AND I have regular bowel movements which help aid my body in detoxification as well as helps prevent bloating.

Going through cancer taught me many lessons – one of them is – the only thing you can control to a large degree is your happiness and your health.
Do things that bring you happiness and health.

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Are You Ready For Life Changing Kettlebell Fitness?

Are You Ready For Life Changing Kettlebell Fitness?

At KDR, we do a lot of things different.  Our mission is to change people’s lives, we view Kettlebell Fitness as a door that allows that to happen, you could call it, “Life Changing Fitness”.  

One of the things we do different from other gyms is how we motivate our members to stay the course, lose weight, accomplish something GREAT…or just keep being awesome!  This is a post that is specifically written to our New Year New You Jump Start participants (all 60 of them!) but it’s absolutely applicable to the person that is working out to change their lives.

  • How far have you come?  
  • Where did you start? 
  • Where are you at now?

With most people doing their inbodies (a machine we use to track body composition) today I want you all to focus on…how far have you come in the last 4 weeks.

When I was going through chemo (it’s only been 6 months!) I used to DREAD stairs. Dread them. Hate them.

Kettlebell FitnessI took the elevator more in the 6 months going through chemo than I ever did…in my life. 

Because, every time I walked up ONE FLIGHT of stairs, I would need to stop, and breathe, and sometimes usually pant. 

When I saw stairs, I knew it was going to be followed by:

  • Legs burning.
  • Chest heaving.
  • Lungs trying to rib my chest open.
  • And my heart HAMMERING out of my chest.

After one flight. So, what are you proud of?  What have you accomplished in the last 4 weeks that you couldn’t do before? For me, it’s being able to SPRINT up SEVERAL flights of stairs and smile at the top!

How did the inbodies go?!  Remember, it’s only week 4. 

  • Have you seen amazing results in the last 4 weeks? 
  • Have you seen ok results in the last 4 weeks?
  • Have you seen no results in the last 4 weeks?

See below for what to do for each.

Great results – have you experienced a greater than 20% drop in body fat percent over the last 4 weeks, i.e. you started at 20%, now you’re at 16%, or you started at 40%, now you are at 32%.

CONGRATS!!! Those kind of results are the stuff of MYTHS and LEGENDS.  You have successfully managed to find the holy grail of weight loss…well you didn’t really find it, we told you want to do 😉

Take a day off of the diet (preferably on a work out day), preferably on a work out day, eat some more calories (500-1000 extra), drink a glass (or bottle) of wine to celebrate, because you should be celebrating that kind of success.

This will do two things – 1) it will help to prevent a metabolic and psychological burn out caused by having calories be too low for too long, i.e. don’t deprive yourself for too long!  2) It will give your body a big boost of extra calories it may need.  If it doesn’t need it, that’s ok, it will just burn off those extra calories in addition to burning off some extra fat in the process.

ONLY DO THIS IF YOU CAN GO BACK ON YOUR DIET!  Don’t do this tactic if you are afraid that you may not be able to get back on the plan.

OK results – A drop of around .5-1% in body fat percent per week or a change of about 10% in the last 4 weeks.  In other words, you started at 30, than went to 29, than went to 28 than went to 27 (a 10% change as well as a drop of 1% per week).  Or, let’s say you started at 20, than 19.5, than 19, than 18.5.  That’s good too!!! 

These kind of results are GREAT!  FANTASTIC!  Not everyone will have a 1%+ drop per week, and that’s OK!  In the grand scheme of things, give me a 1% change per month for 12 months, than a 5% change in one month, with no change for a few months.

  • What can you do to improve your results? 
  • Can you get more sleep? 
  • Can you get better sleep? 
  • Can you drink more water?    
  • Can you be tighter on your diet? 
  • Are you hitting your calories? 
  • How about your protein? 
  • Are you getting 4 days of the gym in, two conditioning and two strength? 
  • Are you taking your supplements?
  • Are you having a work out recovery shake?
  • Are you experiencing a pump, burn and strain during your resistance training sessions (remember, those are the mechanisms required for muscle growth, hit 3 out of 3 for best results)?
  • Are you working 85% to 70% in the conditioning classes?

If your hitting all of those points – than stay the course!  If not, focus on the areas you have gaps in.  DON’T CHANGE!  Sometimes, it takes a week or four for your body to catch up with what you’re doing.

 Ok…so what about those of you not experiencing good or great results?
Well – look at that list above.  Be honest.

  • What do you need to do? 
  • Where are your holes?

If you can’t figure it out, talk to your coach!  That’s their job, figure out what you’re not doing and start doing it. You have 4 weeks to get your shit together. Your still in this contest! And, if life has gotten in the way, don’t worry!  What you are doing now is creating a VERY SOLID FOUNDATION for weight loss to happen. 


You don’t fail when what you try doesn’t work. 

You fail when you stop trying.

Don’t just join a gym – join a community!  Interested in our gym?  Like what you read and want to learn more about what we do?

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Is sitting REALLY that bad for you?

Is sitting REALLY that bad for you?

“Your Fitness Health Coach says: Sitting is the new smoking” according to the Centers for Disease Control.

According to Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic (the person who coined that term) – “Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”

Epidemiological data, from almost one million people, link excess sitting to 34 chronic diseases and conditions, including obesity and metabolic, cardiovascular, joint, sleep, and psychological disorders

But, why does it get compared to smoking?  That seems pretty far-fetched if you ask me.

Or is it…researchers claim that the effects of sitting are NOT reversible through diet and exercise.

I call bullshit on that one unless you really get into the nitty-gritty of exactly what you’re talking about as far as “irreversible.”


If sitting is the new smoking, then let’s just stand!  Hold up…standing can cause issues in and of its self.

According to Hazards.org (yeah…that’s a real website) “Individuals spending most of the day on their feet every working day are at greater risk of health problems. Such as varicose veins, poor circulation and swelling in the feet and legs, foot problems, joint damage, heart and circulatory problems and pregnancy difficulties.” And “Chronic heart and circulatory disorders are linked to prolonged standing at work. Prolonged time in an upright posture at work may cause hypertension comparable to 20 years of aging.”

That’s some scary shit.  So sitting is like smoking and standing is like….not that good for you either!?

So…what to do!  NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) or spontaneous physical activity (SPA).

That’s so NEAT!

Basically NEAT/SPA is the spontaneous movement that occurs (or at least it should) throughout the day.  Examples of this are:

  • Getting up and walking around for 10 minutes every hour.
  • Taking a walk after every meal for 10 minutes.
  • Performing some calisthenics every hour, for instance, 10 burpees every hour or jump squats.
  • Taking the stairs.
  • Parking farther from work.
  • Doing 10 air squats every hour.

You get the picture.

NEAT and SPA can add up.  In fact, I found a number of studies all saying the same thing.  The more you move at low intensities throughout the day, the leaner and healthier you will be.  They also went on to say that the more you move in a day…again at low intensity and often…the more weight you will keep off after you lose it.

There was not a clear consensus on exactly HOW MUCH or HOW OFTEN to move. However, it would appear that as long as you keep the intensity low, i.e. a three on a scale of 1-10, or roughly at 50-60% of your max HR – the more you move, the better!

Results: Compared with metabolic rate in the supine position(laying on your back) (5.4kJ/min kj = kilojules, for all intents and purposes think calories) , energy expenditure increased while sitting motionless by 6%, while fidgeting while seated by 29%, while standing motionless by 8%, while fidgeting while standing by 38%, while walking at 1.6 km/h by 38% (this is SLOW), while walking at 3.2 km/h by 45% (this might seem faster…but it’s still pretty slow at about 2 mph), and while walking at 4.8 km/h (about 3 mph) by 81%.  There was a significant, positive correlation between changes in energy expenditure and body weight for fidgeting-like activities while standing but not while seated.

Source: http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/72/6/1451.full

Take home point, while we can’t all walk at 3 mph for a few hours, we can certainly stand up and fidget for most of the day!!!

This is akin to getting 10,000 steps in per day. However, people took the the 10,000 steps thing and assumed they would lose weight with it.  NOT TRUE!  I found NO STUDIES to support walking 10,000 steps a day causes weight loss in already active and healthy people.

That’s right…zero studies.  The body is a pretty cool piece of machinery.  As energy output goes up, energy utilization will not always follow suit, especially if that energy output rises substantially and is from high-intensity activities.  And this is ESPECIALLY true if you’re in a state of low caloric intake.

However, I came across this gem:

CONCLUSIONS Interrupting sitting time with short bouts of light- or moderate-intensity walking lowers postprandial glucose and insulin levels in overweight/obese adults. This may improve glucose metabolism and potentially be an important public health and clinical intervention strategy for reducing cardiovascular risk.

Source = http://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/35/5/976

What does that mean in English?  Well, it’s generally understood and accepted that if we can keep insulin levels low, we can keep fat gain low.  FYI postprandial essentially means after a meal.

Standing is definitely better than sitting…however, the end all is to move often at a low pace…often.

If you want to get into the details, this is a great study you can look at.

Source – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK279077/

“The Role of Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis in Human Obesity”

Like what you read?!  We drop knowledge bombs like this all the time to our members!  Don’t take our word for it – come and talk to us to see how we can help you get the body you want and the health you deserve!

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It’s not about the weight loss

It’s not about the weight loss

Think weight loss will make you happy? Sometimes thats not the case.

As per my oncologists recommendations I take Yoga twice per week.  It’s a one on one session…I don’t like group yoga, but that’s a different story.  Nicole (my yoga instructor) and I were talking at the end of the work out today, yeah, it’s a work out for me.  I used to be able to press 185 pounds over my head, now I can’t hold a down ward dog for more than about 20 seconds. and weight loss/happiness came up.  We both came to the same conclusion…it’s not about the weight loss.

The wheel of happiness/life.

Nicole used to do a lot of life coaching where weight loss would be an aspect of it. Her clients would draw a spoked wheel and put different aspects of their life in it.  It would look something like this…


She then would have her clients put a dot into each respective triangle to represent where they felt they were at.  Closer to the inside (bulls eye) meant they were happier with that aspect.  Closer to the outside meant they weren’t that happy.

We are a lifestyle gym

We don’t necessarily do “life coaching” at KDR, we do “lifestyle coaching”.  KDR Fitness is a lifestyle gym.  We believe getting people to adjust their diet + fitness and providing health education = healthy lifestyle. People that are healthy tend to be happy.  The people that focus on those three points; their diet, their fitness and learning about health will tend to experience much better weight loss.


We believe that if you are healthy, you are happy and you will in turn experience better weight loss.  And if you’re not…then maybe you need to look at your priorities.  This is coming from someone who has been at the VERY high level of health and at the absolute rock bottom level of sickness.  I wouldn’t trade my health and the ability to do any physical thing I want for a million dollars.



If someone were to say, “hey, I’ll give you $1,000,000.00 in exchange for your health.”  I wouldn’t even bat an eye when saying no.

Our wheel would look like this:


The wheel of Health/happiness – I know it’s a little rough, but you get the idea.  Notice how I didn’t put WEIGHT on there.  If you focus on improving the other areas, your weight will naturally fall.  But, if you focus on just losing weight, it’s unlikely you will make a change in any of the other areas.

Health begets happiness in our opinion.  It’s rare to see someone that is truly healthy and NOT happy.  But you can find tons of people that have GI issues, aches/pains, arthritis, bloating and are miserable assholes.


Makes sense really…can you be happy if your always in pain or uncomfortable.  Some of us can, but a large percentage of us can’t.

Break it down

From a practical stand point, we see this all of the time when people come in and they say “I am unhappy because I am over weight.”  We ask them how much weight do they want to lose to be happy.  We inevitably get some kind of arbitrary number like 10 pounds or 40 pounds.  This is usually followed by “When I weighed this much was when I was the happiest.”  Often times they are neglecting/forgetting big points of that memory, such as:

  1. Age – Yes, Xenia (I had a hard time coming up with a name that we have never had in the gym) when you were 25 and you weighed 120 pounds you probably were a hell of a lot happier then you are now at 40 and weighing 200 pounds.
  2. Life situation – I can see how you might be the happiest at 20 and weighing 120 pounds WITH NO responsibilities with the ability to just peace out and do what you want at the drop of a hat would be a happier place then now, at 40, with kids a husband a mortgage payment and a career..and carrying an extra 80 pounds.
  3. Sex/self-esteem – this isn’t rocket science. When we get laid more, we tend to be a lot happier and by default that makes us feel better through enhancing our self-esteem.  I don’t think it’s about the sex (of course that plays in to it) per se, I think it’s about the attention.  As we settle into relationships we tend to often get LESS attention.  Sometimes, people will come to us saying they want to lose weight.  In reality, they want more attention from their significant other. They think that it’s because they are overweight that they aren’t getting that attention.  Bottom line – they want to get laid more.  I have a number of women over the years tell me that (after some digging and trying to get to the root of their motivation) during our initial intakes.

e1c1bb4ac8af2d0f47af5bd6403c1a60Studies show…

The number is not what they are really saying.  What they are really saying is, I am unhappy in one of the areas (or more than one) in the spoke.  We see that confirmed, they lose the weight and are STILL unhappy!  Or, they lose the weight, and then put it back on.  Or even worse, they see success, become happier, quit the gym, and go right back to being miserable.

We have seen a LARGE amount of members come to us for weight loss goals, lose a large amount of weight, look better then 90% of the population and STILL be miserable and unhappy.


You can increase (i.e. move your dot closer to the middle) and not influence any of the other dots.  It’s only when you influence more than one dot that the others move as well.

Be honest with your self about your goals.  We think EVERYONE should be a member of our gym, but sometimes, we just can’t help someone because they aren’t really coming to us for weight loss or to be healthier.  They are coming to us because they are unhappy with an aspect of their life that is outside their health and they think losing weight is going to fix that.

Make your own “Happiness” wheel using Nicole’s model and ours.  See where you fall.  Work on the things that are towards the outside.  That doesn’t mean STOP or DON’T work on the ones you are strong at, it just means that sometimes, improving your strengths, doesn’t improve your weaknesses.


If you liked what you read and are interested in sitting down for a FREE strategy session or taking advantage of our 30 day, money back guarantee trial – CLICK THE LINK BELOW.



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