Boost your energy with these three simple steps.

Boost your energy with these three simple steps.

I want more energy!  I want more energy to do the stuff I like to do, like:

  • Spending time with my wife and our 13-year-old (even if he doesn’t want to spend a lot of time with us.) 
  • Working out!  Sometimes, I just don’t feel like I have the juice to work out.  
  • Writing, blogging and educating our members and fans.  Trust me on this one (unless your a writer, in which case, the struggle bus is real), writing takes a lot of energy.  To create a clear message that gets the point across without being verbose and aloof…it’s hard.
  • Helping more people.  I want to help as many people as I can, and when you’re dealing with people all day long in personal training sessions and in the gym, it can really zap your energy.
  • Finally…I want to have more energy to spend time on myself.  Every fit and healthy person that I KNOW (and I know a lot of them!  Plus, they all aren’t just personal trainers) understands that to have that status they must invest time on themselves.  I would go so far as to say 50% of your time should be spent on yourself if you want to be healthy and fit.  That’s not that much considering you should be sleeping for a third of the day.

Rare pic of the kid smiling.

You know what…I am not alone either.  I would go so far as to say EVERYONE wants more energy to do the things they want to do.  They usually turn to gallons of coffee, 5-hour energy shots, monster energy drinks, etc. Because those things give you energy!

Spoiler alert – they actually don’t give you energy.  That “buzz” you feel is caused by a lot of different things, but most noticeably caffeine increases the production of catecholamines and glucocorticoids…or what you would know as cortisol and adrenaline.  This, in turn, tricks you into thinking you have more energy when in reality, it’s just your body responding to an “upper”.  Not a GREAT idea if you’re already stressed out, operating on low levels of sleep and not getting enough food.  This can lead to a host of different health problems like – adrenal fatigue, weight gain, thyroid dysfunction, etc.

When someone comes into our gym, whether it be for personal training, fitness, health, weight loss, rehab, etc. we always ask them – “What are your goals?”

“Have more energy” is almost ALWAYS on that list of three.  In fact, it’s often number 1.

I recently sat down with a female member for a check in (yes…we like to check in with our members as much as possible, how else can we make sure they are happy?).  We will call her, Betty.  Betty is a mother of two young kids, works part-time, married to a husband that works for himself, weighs about 155 lbs, 5’7″, and is in her late 30’s.  There’s some context for you.  That’s probably a lot of you reading this right now!

She said she wanted to have more energy, I asked her what is she eating.  Betty replied (this is actually copied right out of my notes):

Breakfast – 2 hardboiled eggs, banana or one hard-boiled egg a cheese stick and a banana

Lunch – salad with a protein with balsamic dressing with a little cheese.  Protein is usually small chicken breast.

Snack – apple with peanut butter

Dinner – Porkchop, or some other piece of protein with side salad sometimes rice

After dinner snack – maybe 3 times per week – a bowl of chips, something salty. 

Generally, eats more food on Saturday and Sunday because they usually go out to dinner.  She eats the whole plate, will generally ask for double vegetables.

Drinks a few glasses of wine per week – “Can I drink more wine?”

Um…generally no.

I asked her if she felt like she was eating enough food, her reply was yes.  I asked her if she would be willing to eat more food…her reply was, of course, I don’t want to gain weight.

Understandable and totally logical.

I asked her what exactly is food?  Why do we need to eat it?  What does it do for us?  She immediately fired back – “it’s energy.”

Light bulb moment!

Food is energy people.  No food = no energy.  A calorie is simply a unit of energy your body uses to perform work.  More calories = more energy to burn = ability to do more work (or spend more quality time with your loved ones instead of just crashing on the couch).  But, the struggle with eating more food does pose a very real threat of gaining weight.  So, how do you eat more food to boost your energy WITHOUT gaining weight?

Follow these three simple steps!

  1. Lean protein.  Lean protein is a great way to boost your energy without adding a lot of body weight.  
  2. Fruits and veggies.  Fruits and veggies are TERRIFIC at giving you some energy.  Plus, they are very low calorie, but very nutrient dense.  Sometimes people lack energy because they don’t have enough B vitamins in their diet.  Fruits and veggies are great sources of those B vitamins.
  3. Chew real food.  Yep…seems pretty easy right?  Chewing food will actually give you some energy.  Have you ever felt tired and started chomping on some gum and immediately felt more energized?  It’s tough to feel sleepy when you’re chewing something.  I say real food because real food needs to be chewed.  You don’t need to chew yogurt, cheese or bread (to name a few processed foods) very much.  But you bite into an apple or carrots or a hamburger and you absolutely need to chew that in order to get it down.

There ya have it!  Some easy ways to boost your energy without gaining weight.  Plus, I would go so far as to say, if you have been trying to lose weight for a long period of time and you haven’t been successful – eating more real food might be your answer.  Maybe you are not feeding your body enough energy for it to burn that extra fat off?  

That’s just a thought from some guy who owns a weight loss, personal training gym who also has a Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance (graduated Magna Cum Laude)…but what does he know 😉


There are A LOT more ways you can boost your energy than just those three steps.  Let us show you how!  On February 5th we will be launching our next challenge where teams of five will compete against each other to see who can change their body fat percent the greatest in 12 weeks.  Winning team gets $5,000.00 (that’s not a typo!).  We call it our New Year Better You Team Challenge.

Join the challenge, have more energy, lose body fat, make some new friends…and maybe walk away with $1,000.00!  Click the link below to read more about it.


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Resolutions aren’t my thing, and they probably aren’t yours either.

Resolutions aren’t my thing, and they probably aren’t yours either.

Resolutions are not my thing. Resolutions are acts for solving problems. I am not a problem and neither are you!  I am more into honing in on a habit that’s not healthy (and fixing it), relationships that I want to improve or let go of (because they are unhealthy) and just being a better person.

I like me!  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be a better version of me. I believe there is always something to learn, improve or get better at.  Some things I want to be better at are small, like remembering to take my Vitamin D every morning.

Some aspects are bigger, like eating 4 meals a day.

In my opinion, the most important thing is working towards being a better version of your self.  My husband is great at identifying things he wants to change and attacking them.  I think that’s the questioner in him.  He will work on a few things every month, like educating himself on fitness/nutrition, improving his lifestyle habits, etc..   Me on the other hand, I struggle with being better (it has a lot to do with my rebel nature) in the sense I see so many things I want to improve that I often get overwhelmed.  

That’s where I have to remind myself… 

After all, to be a better version of your self, you need to understand and know where you want to be better.  Then once you know, you can do.

A few things I want to be better at:

Communication – I suck at it! You probably do too. Boring…I know BUT if I can become better at communicating (which is a broad term) I believe that other aspects of my life will be easier. I am currently reading “The Four Tendencies” by Gretchen Rubin it has been very eye opening to both my own tendencies AND others around me. It’s helping me understand human tendencies and how to communicate/work with them. Currently working on communicating with my rebel teenager.   

Being me and working with my expectations – In the beginning of the book above, there is a test you take to determine what tendency you are. I happen to be in the 1% – a rebel. This probably does not surprise those close to me. I resist outer expectations AND Inner expectations.  In the book, Gretchen devotes the longest chapter on how to deal with rebels…shit.

What’s a rebel?  I resist outside (others and society) expect and I resist what I expect of myself.  That means sometimes I don’t know what I want and it’s difficult for me to decide.  For instance – if I have to choose between two things, and I don’t want to do thing A and know I should do thing B, but don’t want to do thing B…I have a hard time making myself do the thing I don’t want to do, but know I should.  

When I say being better at being me, I mean embracing who I am, being better at expressing who I am and doing more for me. Essentially working with my own rebel nature. 

Using a timer – Time management is an issue for me! When I am coaching or training I use a timer – all sessions on the hour or half hour for 60 minutes. I focus on one thing.  I put all my attention to one thing. I rock it and move on. 

I think my son and husband need this timer!

I also tell my lifters to use one, to time at home stretching/mobility work (let’s face it I can’t fix 8 hours of sitting in one hour, you need to do some shit on your own).  Time their meal prep (no one has time to prep for 3 hours).  Time their meditation, much easier to do in 10-20 minute blocks.  Right now I am watching the clock (5 minutes left) to ensure that I give my full attention to writing this blog and hopefully helping you be a better version of you.



Being in my lifters shoes – I honestly believe that you can not be a good coach/trainer/teacher if you don’t understand what it’s like to be in your lifter/students shoes. Personally, I like to set performance goals because I find appearance (how you look is WAY LESS important than how you feel) is a hard goal to chase. I don’t know about you but I can put on 5 pounds of bloat in a few days sometimes. 

A few performance goals I have for 2018: running a full 5K or 10K (there is a reason I only do obstacle races…I like to break up the running), compete in a 5-minute long-cycle Kettlebell competition and of course do some more mud runs!

Looking forward to this year’s Mud Runs!

I also want to focus more on aspects of pre/post natal training (like pelvic floor training and health, I am learning so much through the certification I am getting through the Coaching and Training Women Academy!).  

Those are just a few but my list goes on and on.

As we move into 2018, I want to help you become a better version of you. Whether that’s getting stronger, running a fast(er) mile, losing 20 pounds of fat, or just feeling better about your self inside and out.  Let me help you make 2018 the year you get BETTER!

We have a great program at the gym that’s going to start in a few weeks.

Our New Year, Better You Challenge starts February 5th and runs for 12 weeks.  It’s a team (people do much better in groups than solo) challenge where teams will compete to see who can lose the greatest percentage of body fat.  Winning team gets $5,000!  You can check out a great blog Ben wrote on why he thinks January to May are the best months to focus on you.  Interested?  Check it out below.

Join our New Year, Better You challenge. 

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Build a better relationship by getting dirty together!

Build a better relationship by getting dirty together!

Being a lifestyle gym, we are constantly looking at ways to make Wellth (fitness, health, wellness and well being) a part of people’s lives.  Sometimes that means getting loved ones involved, like getting dirty together!  Yes!  You can build a better relationship by getting dirty together!

We think it’s important to keep your eye on your goal and never give up on that goal, however, sometimes chasing that goal can make us crazy and compulsive. We encourage our members to set other goals like running a 5K, competing in powerlifting meets, joining the local ultimate frisbee league, or running an obstacle race with friends, family or your fitness community.  In fact, tackling those things with a loved one makes it that much better.  Here are three ways you can build a better relationship with your loved one by getting dirty together!

My mud squad!

Have you ever done a physical event with your husband/wife,mom,sister or brother, or maybe your favorite BFF. Why? A lot of good things can come out of it getting dirty and sweaty together! These are the top three reasons I have done races with my mom, husband, sister in-law, father in law and of course our members and awesome team!

Support – Everyone needs support.  These races are meant to be done as a team of at least two.  Most people NEED help getting over some of the obstacles.  That’s where your loved one comes in and your team.  By doing these races with your loved one, you each learn how to support each other and ask for HELP when you need it.

Impress – YES! I want to impress my mom, husband, family and friends and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I bet they want to impress me too! Running a race with my mom was amazing! She could see the things I was capable of that she may not have ever seen and same for her. I was so impressed she ran over 3 miles, crawled through mud and over walls.  And, let’s be honest…she’s not exactly “young” in body. It was so inspiring! I want to still be doing this when I am her age.

Mom and I getting ready to run!

Trust – This is a big one! For me anyway. Of course I trust my family and friends BUT to throw my butt over a wall, to push me when I need it the most, to carry me when needed and to trust me to do the same.  That trust BUILDS trust.  Does your husband or wife trust you to help them over a wall?  Sometimes I don’t even trust my husband to take out the garbage.  But, when the shit hits the fan, I know I can count on him to help me out.

Taking on a challenge like the Tough Mudder with your husband, mom, BFF or friends will make your relationship so much stronger. It will give you so many great memories, stories to laugh about and most importantly give you more confidence.  Plus, from a scientific standpoint you release the bonding hormone called Oxytocin.  This is the same hormone that is released after sexy time, giving someone a long hug, looking into your dog’s eyes, etc.  It’s that rush we feel when we connect to someone.

More confidence to do things you didn’t think you could, trust in others and yourself, and the ability to support others in a way you didn’t think was possible.

Brother and sister mud love!

Kirsty and Shawn’s first race together in 2011 as husband and wife!

Do you have a husband/wife/brother/sister/mom/dad/boyfriend/girlfriend or even a friend you want to do the August 19th Tough Mudder with?  We have a program for you!  It’s only $199 for 7 weeks of training that starts on June 19th and runs until August 13th.  You get a customized running program as well as weekly training work outs AND you will be on our team!  Of course only if you want to, but why wouldn’t you?  We will help you get improve your condition and work on getting stronger so you can tackle these races.  As always – we start as a team and finish as a team.  Click the picture below to sign up and learn more about the program.

Last year’s time.

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5 Reasons Why Being STRONG Is Important To Me!

5 Reasons Why Being STRONG Is Important To Me!

1. Independence:
Knowing I can do things on my own IF I have to. Have you ever had to pick something up at a store and thought to yourself “can I do this on my own, do I need to ask for help? I have! I don’t like feeling limited by my own thoughts or physical strength.

2. Being a Role Model:
I want to be physically(and mentally) strong for those that look up to me…most importantly my son. Sure asking for help is super important but I don’t want him to doubt himself, or hold himself back, thinking he is weak. I know the struggles that come along with training and mentally changing self-doubt and physical limits, but it can be done. I see a lot of people who hold themselves back because they think they can’t do something or change. It’s never too late.

3. If feels good!:
You bet your ass it feels good! Does it feel good to deadlift 250lbs? It’s hard as shit, but after you’ar done it feels amazing to do something you couldn’t do before or thought you NEVER could do. I want to be able to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. Run a mud run obstacle race, throw some kettlebells around, compete in a powerlifting meet, do a sl squat, bust out push-ups whenever I want, carry all the grocery bags in the house in one trip, going skiing, do yoga, hike mountains, throw a football…all of these things I have done…will continue to do..IF I stay healthy and strong as I get older.

4. Taking care of family:
There will come a time when you will have to step up and help take care of a loved one. When that time comes, you need to be strong physically and mentally. I know if Ben gets sick again I can take care of him, Logan AND myself. Knowing I can get 1 ton of pellets moved for heat, get our 90lb old hound into the car if needed, get the trash moved, make house improvements, the list goes on and on but its important to me. I don’t feel helpless.

5. Not feeling helpless:
It’s an awful feeling, and I have felt that way before. There are things I can not do but I know I just need to train for it, work on it, practice some more and I will be able to do it. I want to help others NOT feel helpless and bring out their strengths.



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Part 3 – Troubleshooting your results – Rest and Recovery.

Part 3 – Troubleshooting your results – Rest and Recovery.

We are back with our last piece on “Three essential principles of weight loss.”  Yes…we changed the title above.  Same great flavor, just in a different packaging.

Check out part one here – you must do more then you did last time.

Check out part two here – you must be in a caloric deficit.

And finally part 3 below!

You must allow your body to adapt and rest – “Rest and respond.” – principle of specific adaptations to imposed demands.

This one goes with the calorie one as generally. We see people doing TOO much for weight loss.

The goal is to coax your body into losing weight and optimally adapting, not force it too.  That’s called prison.

And no one wants to feel like they’re in prison.

People assume weight loss is healthy.  And since weight loss is healthy, that must mean that whatever I do to lose weight MUST therefore BE healthy.

Listen – weight loss isn’t healthy.  The end results of losing weight is healthy, but the act of losing weight is not.  Your forcing your body to destroy parts and pieces of itself, in no way is that healthy.

Pick one – either pursue health or pursue weight loss.  You CAN do both, but, generally we find that people who are focused on weight loss could give two shits less if they are healthy or not.

Which I can understand, because being healthy means having your weight under control.  However, the person that chases two chickens never catches one.

If you’re trying to decrease your mile time, or run a half marathon, or increase your bench – now is not the time for weight loss.

It may happen.  But, if I do something, assuming that I will get one result, and I get a different result…it generally doesn’t make me too happy if the result I got was LESS then what I had hoped for.

Weight loss is all about managing stress, physical, emotional and mental.  Managing stress means sometimes you need to take some rest days.  But, what we see in the “die hard” weight loss people is NO rest days.

Managing stress DOES NOT mean to add more stress.  If you’re unhappy with work, exercise MAY make you feel better in the short term, but ultimately it’s adding more stress into your equation.

Take some time off.

Here are some general points to ponder with taking time off:

If you are working out hard for 3 weeks, take one week off and stay away from the gym.

If you are working out hard for 3 months and you haven’t take any time away from the gym – you are either not working out hard enough (see rule one above) or you’re training for something specific (and it better not be weight loss).

If you haven’t improve by 5% in a third of your work outs in two weeks, then you need to take a week off, or suck it up buttercup because you’re not working hard enough.

If your body aches when you wake up, or during/after a work out – take a week off.

Weight loss happens outside of the gym.

You introduce a “new” stress to your body, in a state of caloric deficit and your body will respond by losing weight, gaining weight or getting stronger.

There is not a single person that is responsible for your results – but you.  A personal trainer or gym simply provides guidance, accountability and plan.  It’s up to you to follow the plan, show up for the accountability (with honesty) and follow the plan.

Allowing your body to respond to that “new” stress is the only way that you will see change in your body.  And that means – rest.

How do you fix it?

This is the last point out of the three, because, with all things being equal, generally people mess up with the first two points.  The third point is saved for my over achievers.

If some is good, then more must be better.

Or –

I want to chase two chickens at once and I expect to eat both of them for dinner tonight.

These people need to focus on one thing – either weight loss or something else.

Often times, we find that these people have a hard time in sticking to something, generally it’s diet.  Sometimes it’s an exercise routine, but usually it’s diet.  They also tend to program hop and always think the best plan is the one they are not doing.

They have a hard time sticking to the diet piece because they are HUNGRY!  The more you work out, the more calories you need to consume to recover.  And, if you don’t recover, you don’t lose weight.  Sure…you might lose lean body mass, but not fat.

If you find yourself in this camp there are two things that I recommend:

  1. Take 3 months and focus on one thing. After those three months, focus on something else.
  2. See rule 2 above and follow the steps of a few weeks off, followed by 10% calorie deficit and/or one day of work out.

One final thought…



WEIGHT LOSS IS MAGIC!  I can say eat 1,800 calories per day and work out 4 days per week and BOOM!  You drop 20 pounds, but I don’t know WHY…or more specifically HOW.  I guess it’s more the how, then the why.
It’s not as simple as what you ate and how you moved.  It’s way more complex than that.  Because if that were the case then we could fit people into buckets based on some simple measurements (age, weight, body fat percent, activity level, etc.) and EVERYONE that met the same criteria would eat and work out the same.

But, that’s not how it works.

I know if I put $100 into a savings account every week then in 6 years I will have X amount of money.  It’s simple compound interest.  I can do math on that.


I can’t do math on weight loss very well because your body changes on a daily basis.  Get some more sleep?  Then you burn more calories.  Less sleep = less calories.  Drink a lot of water = more calories burned, drink less water than you did the day before = less calories burned.

I can say you lost the weight because you followed X,Y and Z, but I don’t really know HOW the weight came off.

And really…it’s not important.  I don’t know how a light comes on, other than when I flick the switch.  I don’t care.  I just care that there is light for me to see.

Don’t worry about trying to figure it out because you never will.  Just follow the principles.


Let us help you clear this confusion up!  Come to our “Troubleshooting your results” seminar.  Click the link for more info.

“Troubleshooting your results.”

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New Year New You

New Year New You

KDR Fitness New Year New You Team Challenge

You and a team of 2 could win up to $5000.00 in
8-weeks, just for losing weight and gaining muscle!

No gimmicks. No starving your self.
No crazy work outs. No countless hours on the treadmill. And, NO BS!

Check out the video to learn more about our
New Year New You Team Challenge.

More people will join a gym during the month of January then any other month of the year due to New Year’s Resolutions. Most of those people that join a gym don’t make it past the first month because:

1. There is no support, guidance or accountability from the gym. A $30 gym membership is just an expensive key chain accessory.

2. They have no plan on how they will achieve their goals, other then “eating clean” and “exercising”. Here is a secret that the fitness business doesn’t want you to know – clean eating is not a requirement for weight loss!

3. Their expectations are not realistic considering no support structure and no guidance. It’s the rare person that will lose weight on their own and keep it off.

4. CHANGE is HARD! Especially changing habits! Which ones do you change first? Which ones yield the biggest return?!

5. Improving health is a great incentive for some people, but for others, not so much.

So we created our New Year, New You Team Transformation challenge! This is a team contest, where teams of three will compete against each other to see who can lose the most amount of fat and gain the most amount of lean body mass in 8 weeks.

Accountability, guidance, support and INCENTIVE all included!

This contest will run from February 1st to March 25th with a party at the end to celebrate everyone’s success. With our challenge we address all the reasons why those resolutioners quit the gym:

1. NO SUPPORT – this is a team challenge! That means support from your team AND our members. NO other gym in the area has a more supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere then we do! Not only will you get support from your team, but every two weeks we will meet as a group for an “Accountability Meeting.”

2. NO PLAN – we will provide you with the plan! All you have to do is show up for four work outs per week, follow our nutrition plan and write your foods down. You won’t starve your self and you will be able to eat the foods you want to eat (in moderation of course ;).

3. UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS – we do a lot of challenges during the year that generally run 6-8 weeks long. The average person will lose at least 2 pants sizes during our 6 week challenges. In fact, it’s not unusual for members to lose 4 pants sizes in 6 weeks! How many pants sizes do you think you could drop in 8 weeks?!

4. CHANGE IS HARD – yes it is! We are going to tell you exactly where to focus your efforts through our “Living the Lifestyle” Seminar.

5. INCENTIVE – how’s up to $5000.00 sound?!

We’re fanatical about delivering results! And we LOVE rewarding people for their hard work and effort.

We’ve figured out how to help you lose the most amount of fat in 8 weeks without:

  •  Starving your self.
  • Having to work out six days per week.
  • Doing hours of mindless and boring cardio.
  • Swallowing diet or weight loss pills.
  • Gimmicky fitness trends.
  • Losing your SANITY!

What’s included in the program:

* Unlimited High Energy Team Training Classes.
* Weekly accountability.
* Bi-weekly group accountability meetings.
* Closed Facebook group where you will have unlimited 24 hour access to the entire KDR Team!
* Weekly inspiration emails to keep you motivated and on track!
* Unlimited use of the gym during open hours.
* Nutrition Coaching.

Base membership option is $47 per week with additional membership add on’s available.

Interested? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get a team of 3 together. Every team must have at least one non-member. If you don’t have a team, we can help put you on one.

2. Click the link below and fill out the form. One of our Team Members will contact you shortly to get you in for a strategy session, give you a tour of the facilities and make sure you are ready to go come February 1st!

3. Plan to be at the kick off meeting AND the “Living the lifestyle” talk.FebruaryBest of all, this program is for any fitness level… whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working out for a long time, this program will work for you because it’s customized for your fitness level!


P.S. I almost forgot to mention this… we are so confident that this program will help you lose weight and change your body that we’re backing it all up with a money-back guarantee. If at the end of eight weeks, after doing everything we ask of you, you aren’t happy with your results, we’ll refund your money.

And you can take that to the bank!

P.S. I almost forgot to mention this… we are so confident that this program will help you lose weight and change your body that we’re backing it all up with a money-back guarantee. If at the end of eight weeks, after doing everything we ask of you, you aren’t happy with your results, we’ll refund your money.

And you can take that to the bank!

Click here to register!

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