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What our member's have to say:

1908451_869911223021751_4110219788342599094_n“KDR fitness is a place that has changed my life.  I decided to take the first step in my transformation by walking through the black arched door of KDR in 2012.  My first thought was why is this gym any different than the numerous ones I have been to before and what is there left to learn? All I can say is more than I could have ever expected.

KDR trains you about your health, knowledge of the human body, and guide you to take control of your emotions to reach your personal goals.  To be honest when I started I was not entirely sure what my goals were.  All I knew was that I was an unhappy 198 lb, weak 34 year old that needed help.  My first workout at KDR truly showed how out of shape I was.  I was breathing heavy after performing simple stretches!

Over a year I was able to transform myself from 198 lbs of unhealthy, and unhappiness at 30% body fat to a healthy and happy 167 lb lean energetic man of 35 at 12% body fat!

For me KDR Fitness is more than just another gym.  The atmosphere is so different than any other gym I have ever experienced.  KDR was inviting and had an aura of positive vibes about it.  The members greeted you and welcomed you into their routines.  You are not just another person in the gym.  You are a member of a community and family of people that are taking the same journey.

I consider KDR Fitness not just another gym.  They are my family.  I feel privileged to be working with a group of not only supportive coaches but also members that support and push me to places I never expected I could have gone.  I would recommend to anyone to take that first step through the door of KDR Fitness.  It will change your life.  It has for me.”

Tom R.


vreeland-carrie“I had been training with KDR Fitness for about 2 years when we decided to have a baby. For me, I knew staying active and eating well was going to be a huge part of my pregnancy. Once I found out I was pregnant, I continued working out 4-5 days a week. My program was modified as I got bigger and bigger and everyone was super supportive and attentive when I was in the gym working out.

I'm not going to lie and say the workouts were easy. They weren't and I had to take way more breaks than before but I think they made a huge difference with my labor. It was quick and I had the stamina to deliver her naturally. One of the midwives was super impressed with my flexibility and I give credit to KDR Fitness for covering all bases in writing my program. Here's the best part...all of the workouts paid off after I delivered. One week after I gave birth I was back in pre-baby jeans. I started my workouts again around 6 weeks and lost all of my baby weight incredibly fast.”
Dr. Carrie Grant-Vreeland - Vreeland Clinic



jess-before-after“To say that the coaches at KDR and the atmosphere have dramatically changed my life for the better simply does not do them justice.  Through my training with KDR, I have lost approximately 40 pounds of body fat, gained lots of strong, sexy lean muscle and feel more confident than ever!  I look and feel better in my 30’s than I ever did in my 20’s!

The coaches are top-notch and experts in their field that prioritize continuing education in order to provide the best service to their members.  The coaches are also excellent motivators that hold you accountable with a little tough love when needed but also caring enough to encourage and inspire members to not give up when challenges arise.  Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just looking to feel and look your best, work outs are written thoughtfully with the individuals’ goals in mind – no generic plans here!

The nutrition coaching offered is invaluable and something you traditionally would not receive with many other gyms.  My favorite aspects of training at KDR is the atmosphere.  The moment you walk into KDR, you can see that it is a comfortable, non-judgmental, community and you are greeted by people you consider family because they are all working toward better performance, health, and wellness – just like you!   I am “KDR Fit” and infinitely proud of that!”

Jessica H.


 tammi“I graduated from nursing school and told myself that my next goal was to shed the weight I had put on throughout the previous 3 years of studying and working nights. I initially joined KDR for their trial membership at the recommendation of my husband who said ” I went to school with one of the owners; you should check them out.” As a wife, mother, and nurse I needed something that would challenge me enough to be successful, as well as hold me accountable. I also needed the flexibility to alter my workout days/times because my work times/days/weeks are never the same.

I feel I have found all of this and more at KDR! After 6 months I am down almost 20lbs (just about at the weight I was when I started school); down inches off my arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs; and down two pant sizes. I am stronger, have more energy, and have muscles in places I don’t think I have ever had before. Overall I just feel better about myself. I am doing things in the gym I never dreamed I could do. I have found the KDR team to be very knowledgable and supportive. I enjoy the conversations, support, and advice I get during “check-in’s.”I also really love that just when I am starting to feel like my workout is “routine,” it changes; giving me a whole new set of exercises to conquer.”

Tammi D.


IMG_2066My name is Jenn and I joined KDR in September 2014 after running in the Diva Dash with my mom who has been a member of KDR for the last several years. KDR offered a weekly Saturday morning training to prepare for the Dash, and within that short amount of time I felt empowered to get stronger and healthier.

When I joined KDR I had been smoke free for 4 months (and still going strong!) but was not properly caring for my body. I had HORRIBLE eating habits. Within weeks the coaches at KDR had me commit to myself that I would eat 5 nutritious small meals a day. KDR has taught me the significance of fueling your body to promote lean muscle growth. My diet and nutrition have become a huge part of who I am, it has helped me to be more aware of what I put into my body, and how significantly different I feel when I eat something healthy versus unhealthy.

Before I joined KDR I would have considered myself to be “skinny fat.” I was thin, but I was flabby. Within the last few months I have become not only physically stronger, but also more toned. As one coach has put it, “you’re butt isn’t bigger- it’s better!” And it’s so true! My whole body is better.

I would recommend KDR to anyone of any body type that wants to make an EDUCATED change to their diet or body. Coming to KDR is not just a place to run on a treadmill or lift a few weights. Coming to KDR is learning how to get results! Wether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just maintain definition; KDR is the place to come for those results! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the coaches for all of the knowledge, advice, and training they have given me. I truly feel that I would not look or feel as good as I do if it weren’t for all of them!  


36539_412042632196615_859701996_nI joined KDR as a reasonably fit 32 year old who had been athletic all my life and running marathons and 1/2 marathons for the previous 3 years.

After 4 months at KDR Fitness I dropped from a size 8 to a size 4, as I traded body fat for muscle. After 9 months at KDR Fitness I took 35 seconds PER MILE off my best 1/2 marathon at the same body weight, because the strength and mobility gains improved my running efficiency so much. After 24 months I am still a member and still making big improvements in my sport of choice (running) and owe much of my success to the strength and mobility that I have gained and maintain through working out at KDR Fitness. I depend on my 2 workouts per week at KDR to keep me injury free while I work toward my next goal of running a 3:45 marathon.

Kristi Bachelder, OT, CSCS



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